We simply adore our teachers

A million computers can’t replace one outstanding teacher. And Great Lakes Institute of Management has a brilliant constellation of professors.


Gladiators with Prof V K Murthi

“Sales is not about FMCG”, “Strategic sales management is not just about bathroom products, it is much more than that!” These are the most striking quotes from the man who changed our perspective of Sales – Mr V K Murthi. His brilliant insights into who should be targeted, how to pursue customers, how to manage salespersons and how to keep the cash register ringing have enthralled all of us. A class of over 200 try to grasp every statement of his lecture sessions. His well crafted and crisp sentences with extraneous words chiselled away are a mark of his in-depth and pin-point detailed knowledge. 24 years of industry experience in managing sales and distribution, training at Harvard business school and a long legacy at SPJMR makes Mr. V K Murthi a true blue diamond in Great Lakes’ assortment of visiting faculty.

Mr. B Venkatesh explains all the financial jargon in the most lucid language and at the same time keeps us on our toes. His highly interactive sessions and real life simple examples made us understand various investment concepts. With every class becoming an enriching experience, many opted for Finance as their majors. Mr. Venkatesh is founder and Managing Principal of the wealth-mapping firm, Navera Consulting and also a well known Hindu Business Line columnist. After Investment analysis and Portfolio Management as a core course, the saga continues with Options and Futures, as enthusiasts delve into niche financial areas. We simple adore him for making every session so engaging and rewarding.

Marketing and Finance are incomplete without the truss of Operations. Logistics & Supply Chain Management may be perceived to be as boring as History by most. But this perception gets busted by the charismatic and energetic Prof. Prasad Chakravarthy. In his own words, “I don’t want you to take jobs; jobs were for 60s and 70s. Be consultants, solve industry problems and claim your share in their profits” His assignments, famous for the depth and scope of Operations knowledge covered, tame the subject for us.  The icing on the cake is the examples that he quotes in class derived straight from the ocean of industry experience and his mode of delivery:  thought provoking and hilarious at the same time!!

Learning one’s own choice of electives with such invaluable professors is truly an amazing experience at Great Lakes!

–  Amit Choudhary & Surabhi Gawde

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One Response to We simply adore our teachers

  1. Nikhilesh Murthy says:

    One of the best profs I’ve had the honour of learning from…. lot of his stuff helps a lot at work, especially when it comes to mapping marketing strategy to sales!

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