Sangamitra – 2010

It was an evening of Gladiators’ talent put into action; it was a fitting conclusion of the various sports competitions held over the weeks, and it was a night of celebration over good food and dance.

Sanghamitra is an intra college cultural and sports event that gives the students a platform to showcase their talents.  There was competition, fun and action as everyone got geared up to cheer their teams .  A range of games – table tennis , chess , throw ball , basket ball , kho kho , badminton, cricket, volleyball etc – brought high voltage to the campus , a much needed spirit before the exams kick in again.  Section H2 came out as the winners of the series , H4 being the runners’ up.

The Finale evening reached its zenith with singing, dance programs, fashion show and a rock band performance. There was entertainment, creativity and humour in the mad adz event. The DJ party and sumptuous dinner extended the verve. It is memories like these – being with our friends, egging them on to go the extra mile in a sport, commenting alongside them on a cricket match, getting them energy drinks as they sweat it out, applauding song and dance performances, in short, indulging ourselves to glory – we would remember, long after we pass out and perhaps, meet each other sometime. For these are rare moments, coming as they are, when they are much needed, bringing fun, joy and laughter in their wake. As the axiom goes, happiness vanishes the moment we realize we are happy. When we get occasions like these to indulge so much that we forget we are happy, we better prolong them.

Another day at Great Lakes comes to an end, I wonder how much action happens here in a day, how much talent resides in our campus, indeed, I can hear someone say it again – “The action has just begun “

Aarti Pandey

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One Response to Sangamitra – 2010

  1. Aditi says:

    Gud read……well written Aarti…..

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