Robert Swan, renowned polar explorer, on his expeditions and climate change

We have been lucky to get to hear a “series” of good lectures and hardly out of the SWIM hangover, we had an amazing session on 16th August by one of the greatest explorers on the earth, Mr. Robert Swan.

Quite contrary to the mental image we had, he was very humble and casual and conversed in a candid manner.

The talk started with –

“I was stupid enough to go to both the poles” and then he walked us through his journeys using a picture presentation, inspired us and enlightened us on renewable sources of energy, environment protection and sustainable development for better lives. His experiences – tough times raising money, convincing people for his 1st expedition, choosing the right teams , from having the patience and endurance to go through the longest of journeys in the toughest of climatic conditions to having a global mission of sustainable environment friendly development and working for it, the list can go on and on! We were awe struck to see such energy and enthusiasm and the cause he is now married to!

Profound lines that were food for thought  –

“Don’t forget your dreams. Have missions in life”

“Do not listen to negative people. Don’t become a negative person. Develop integrity and show it.”

“When you want to show commitment to something, think about it before giving it and do it. Otherwise , people will not believe you. It is a leadership quality.”

“Take pride in what you’re and what you do!”

His commitment to Jacques Cousteau after being funded by him, was not to litter the place and keep it clean. That one promise made him choose many tough paths and take crucial decisions to keep his word. The talk made us travel through many of his expeditions and was sprinkled with a good number of take-aways and witty lines. He is one man who has survived year long journeys, made great teams and inspired students world over! He found a way to clear the rubble left by Russia in Antarctica, recycled it and showed the world, how it can be done. More of his extraordinary work is found here & here

His mission is 2041, which is absolutely inspirational. He appealed to each one of us to contribute towards saving the planet which calls for responsible behavior. It’s not just the human kind that gets affected by reckless behavior but other living species like animals and plants also bear the brunt.  There is a huge opportunity in creating markets for renewable sources of energy and before it is too late, our environmentalists, innovators and entrepreneurs should focus on these not-so-explored areas and contribute to the betterment of world environment & climate.

Mr.Swan ended the lecture by asking us not to fall for the western fads. He hoped that unlike the developed nations, India and China act responsibly , leverage technology and get themselves counted in the journey towards sustainable development.

A truly spectacular lecture!

– Deepti Alla

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2 Responses to Robert Swan, renowned polar explorer, on his expeditions and climate change

  1. Nikhilesh Murthy says:

    Wow! I wish our batch had more interesting lectures from people like this who’ve lived more life than merely writing books about it…. good going GL !

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