Workshop Series#3 – Identifying the Achilles heel!

“Hey, I know what the answer is!!” said one of the gladiators. This was the first thing that was said after the usual exchange of greetings. We were trying to make full use of the workshops – it was peer learning at its best! The subject of discussion was the question with which the last workshop had ended. “If the profit of our own Bajaj Bistro declines how can we analyze it?” This session was dedicated to case analysis and the processes involved.

As we found, the steps in any case analysis are:

1. Start
2. Analyze and identify the problem at hand
3. Recommend a solution
4. Close the case.

So, to analyze, why the revenue of Bajaj Bistro would decline, we needed to structure the case. As Muru said to the relief of all of us, “There are four frameworks in which most of the common problems fit.”

For this problem, the best suited framework was quickly identified by the Gladiators.

Every Gladiator presented the logic in a client friendly manner. The session was like seeing, Future consultants in the making!

Here, we were exposed to the Two Pronged Approach to Tackling Business Situation Cases:
1. Learn how to be the InterviewER (very predictable)
2. Learn how to be the InterviewEE.

It was a great amalgam of team work and competitiveness promoted at the same time with the role play livening up the discussions.

We found that the revenue was not declining but the cost was increasing. The cost of the raw materials had gone up and with two additional recruits, the profit had decreased considerably. (All fictitious data as part of the assignment) The case was solved and closed with a copy of the solution sent to the team at Bistro!

It was once again, fun with learning as the example was something that all of us could relate to!

-Gaurav and Sonal

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2 Responses to Workshop Series#3 – Identifying the Achilles heel!

  1. Vamsi Krishna says:

    The workshop series is thought provoking and giving us a flavour of what CONSULTING is.

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