Workshop Series#2 – Improving the guesstimation skills!

The second of the workshops started with a recap of the first one.

Yes, you guessed it right! Starting from where we had left, we focused on one particular case category in the session- Guesstimation. These questions are usually asked in the interviews to test the logical and analytical capabilities of the interviewee. They do not have a definite answer but the interviewer often has a range for the answer in his mind. The answer doesn’t matter as much as the means of finding it and hence, whatever be the answer, it has to be backed by logic.

We started with the discussion on the self assignment question- What is the number of lights in the Great Lakes campus? The classroom resonated with various answers – 5000, 2750, 3111, 4570 and so on… As the answers began to die down, “There is nothing right or wrong but each answer should be backed by a step-wise estimation” said Muru.

“The greatest of all gifts is the power to estimate things at their true worth” – François de la Rochefoucauld

It was amazing to see so many diverse explanations and varied logics to a simple question. But I think the best way to learn is by picking up an example from our daily lives.

As is the case with every class for our courses, so is the case with these workshops. Both share something in common and that is assignments!! This workshop ended with a case based question – “If the profit of our own Bajaj Bistro declines (the café in the Great Lakes campus), how can we analyze it?”

I believe it is these assignments that keep the students’ thinking. These workshops are proving to be a serious effort with clearly visible results. Learning is indeed fun!

-Gaurav and Sonal

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2 Responses to Workshop Series#2 – Improving the guesstimation skills!

  1. Amol Malani says:

    I found it very informative and properly structured. Got a lots of insight on how to handle a case interview for consultancy firms. This initiative will help all the students who want to make a career in consultancy firms.

  2. Haider Kantawala says:

    The workshops build a quantitative approach that helps in solving problems faster, in class or out of it. Thanks a lot guys for having this.

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