Workshop Series#1 -Learning consulting in a simulated Environment

ConsultCom, the consulting committee at Great Lakes, is conducting a series of workshops, designed to help the students master the art and science of consulting. The workshops aim to provide a platform for intensive case discussions and enhanced peer-learning.

“Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” – Denis Waitley

The gladiators (PGPM batch 2010-11) were in the same spirit when we met for the first time. The session began with Muruganandan, a fellow gladiator (known fondly as Muru) posing the questions –

“What is consulting? What are the skills required for consulting?”

“A Consultant should be a problem solver”, said someone. And the long list of adjectives – analytical, customer friendly, good communicator came forth…Muru in all his poise summarized everything with the basic rules of consulting.

Rule #1: “Often Right, Never Without Data-Driven Justification”

Rule #2: “It’s Not About Being Right, it’s About Being Right In A CLIENT FRIENDLY Way” HOW you’re Right Matters… A LOT

It looked like this was easy to absorb after a core course in marketing where everything centered on the customer.

Then the question

“What are the types of questions that are asked in the interview?” came up.

Are we supposed to know Kotler well or are we supposed to know finance well?

Isn’t a consultant a problem solver and hence, isn’t he expected to know something about everything? The real answer depends upon the case categories.

Two Categories of Cases:

1. Business Situation

2. Estimation Question

A detailed discussion followed on what each type of case is.  Minutes continued ticking by as the intensity of the discussion increased until it was collectively decided to continue the thought train in the next session of the workshop. However, we gave ourselves an assignment. Yes! Self-learning too involves assignments. It was about trying to find the number of bulbs in the Great Lakes campus…

– Gaurav and Sonal

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One Response to Workshop Series#1 -Learning consulting in a simulated Environment

  1. Tarun Jha says:

    The consultcom workshops have been great and have helped tremendously in structuring thoughts and building a more systematic approach towards solving case a study.

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