Social Media for Businesses

“I am no gyan Guru and you shouldn’t sit here like you are watching a movie” with this light note Mr Shankar started the discussion on Social Media for Businesses. As the dialogue progressed we were asked to come up with names of brands that have extensively used social media for their marketing. Brain Jamming, which he christened the session as, had a restriction of 30 seconds for each participant.  We were free to throw paper balls at the participant, if he exceeded the time limit. This removed the monotony and added fun and humor in the class. It was definitely an innovative way to keep the audience engaged. 

Kiruba Shankar is CEO of Business Blogging and Director of F5ive Technologies and has 15 years of experience in the Internet space. Prior to this, he was Associate Director at Kiruba is the Ambassador for TEDx in India. He is also on the advisory board of RangDe, a microfinance initiative from ICICI Foundation. He is a curator of, an international event for achievers. A professional podcaster and host of show called ‘Kiruba.TV’, he blogs on  rated among India’s top blogs.

How Nike used viral marketing for the Football World cup season , how Dominos made an entry into social marketing , how innovation helped Sulekha to exploit the internet marketing space despite of its small budget , how Anand Mahindra uses Twitter to market Scorpio were some of the aspects that were discussed during the session. The session gave Gladiators an understanding of the social media marketing space , how organizations use it to increase their brand awareness and facilitate conversations with the customer. In the end Mr Shankar talked about using social media for personal branding , an insight which will surely help us going forward.

Aarti Pandey

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One Response to Social Media for Businesses

  1. Nikhil Khedekar says:

    Mr. Kiruba Shankar is an out of the box thinker & an interesting speaker. Much of the gyaan shared was very important for everybody in this changing global scenario, where marketing yourself / your brand over the internet has a huge probability of success… and in majority of the cases…. its free of cost !

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