Jamshyd Godrej on ‘Going Green and sustainable growth’

Recognized as one of India’s foremost business leaders, Jamshyd Godrej , Chairman & Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce India ,has been associated with Great Lakes as part of the business advisory council since its foundation. A recipient of the prestigious “Padma Bhushan” in 2003, Jamshyd Godrej is the Chairman designate for the CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre. He has played a vital role in bringing up the Green Campus of Great Lakes at Manamai.

 Excerpts from the speech –

Mr. Godrej started his speech on a humble and a light note by apologising for assembling students on Sunday morning. Growth in a responsible and a sustainable way, something which was on the fringes earlier, is becoming main stream now days. We need to look through the filter of sustainable and green growth and question every process. Can the processes be redesigned to reduce the carbon footprints? It is a challenge which can be turned into a business opportunity with the government and the corporate world realizing the importance of green growth.

 Growth in Western Europe, USA and Japan has been based on availability of fossil fuels, mainly coal. But that growth is not sustainable due to limited amount of resources. Our Indian Government has to take cognizance of this and the subsidy should shift from diesel and kerosene to green energy.


 The corporate world will have to bring about a confluence of innovation and sustainability to their processes and products. Tata Nano is a paragon of innovation, so is GE’s LED bulb emulating the light of a 60 watt bulb. Godrej chotukool is undergoing several engineering innovations to keep the price low and also reduce the emissions. A company like Terra Power is innovating to make a micro nuclear power which will take the waste fuel of nuclear plant as an input. So, a lot of challenges lie ahead in this field.

When a student asked about the economic viability of green infrastructure, he gave an example that a Platinum rated Green building costs only 8 to 12 percent more than a non green building, while a gold certified green building costs only 3 to 5 percent more. But the operational cost of these buildings is significantly low.

Indians have the ability of thinking differently and we, as a nation, should harness our diversity to do things innovatively. Green growth is a process, an evolution. It is a long journey but what is required is that, we as an individual, corporate and government should embark on the path of sustainable and green growth. In response to another question, he said that young entrepreneurs have only their imagination to limit them in this field.

The session with Mr Jamshyd Godrej has given the Gladiators a new insight, an insight to think innovatively, an insight to question the existing paradigm and an insight to embark on the path of sustainable growth.

Aarti Pandey

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2 Responses to Jamshyd Godrej on ‘Going Green and sustainable growth’

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  2. Sriram V Iyer says:


    Quite interesting to note. I’m really glad to see that amidst GL’s hectic schedule, there are so many posts here on this blog. This is great. It really helps alumni to keep track of whats happening at their alma mater.


    GL Alumni, UK.
    (Pioneers, Class of 2005)

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