Learning beyond the classroom

What an MBA really teaches you? – There have been books/blogs/discussions by many Gurus and experts on the subject and I am too small to even remotely argue with what they have said. But still I shall share what I am learning from my MBA outside the realm of books. I have just completed one month in my school and I am completely baffled and flabbergasted by each and every subject being taught to us. It’s like, every morning I prepare my brain for being pulverized by a new concept and by the time I go to sleep (which is more of a quick-nap by all standards) I try to collect the small pieces and put them together. If someone takes an X-ray of my brain I am sure my brain is not in the shape it was earlier.

And within a month itself all the learning is unconsciously transpiring in my actions and thinking. I can sense how my blood is slowly changing from B+ to MBA+. And though I am just 1/12th MBA as of now, still I am sharing what I have experienced so far…

An MBA course teaches you to be humble. Every one of us has survived some of the toughest admission procedures and is equipped with an armoury of envious skills. But still it is a normal human trait to fly high on the past pre-MBA achievements. So what happens when the professor asks the class a tricky question? You start wondering how the entire class will fall for you when you will very smartly answer the question. You pity people around you who you think are just not-that-good.  But here comes a missile straight in your spinal cord, paralyzing your pride forever…the most un-noticed guy in the class gives the most sensational answer in a split second while you are still wondering…and boom goes your ego…the second moment you learn to be humble and respect every single creature around you…

MBA teaches you to prioritize everything in life. Many of us have worked in organizations earlier and have been through the process of prioritizing work earlier.  But here you have to keep prioritizing things 24/7; between pre-reads and assignments, breakfast and a 10min extra nap, washing clothes and a walk to the cafeteria, the girl in the front row and the lords of last benches, birthday celebrations and project meetings, social networking and basketball…the list goes on…

Then it teaches you networking for each and every task. Running towards the canteen and afraid of being welcomed by a long queue? Call your friend whose hostel room is nearest to the canteen and ask him to go the canteen and reserve a seat for you…

And yeah not to forget the movies we have been made to watch (for some it is a pain, but being a movie addict I just love movies) and learn management fundas from them!!! While I have always watched movies for the sheer magic that transpires on the screen, here we are learning business communication fundas from Al Pacino and Ben Kinsley!!! To the extent that I started taking notes on effective communication skills while watching Kanti Shah’s iconic cult classic Gunda…

– Sajid

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2 Responses to Learning beyond the classroom

  1. Kabir says:

    I liked the article because you do not talk about marketing and strategy and balance sheets and financial ratios and business case studies. You have taken things right by its heart and that i believe is good thinking. Good to see the blog surviving almost 5 years and hope that the bytes run on and on…

  2. Nishant says:

    Good Article Sajid Bhai…

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