An impact for a lifetime

“I am Krishnamurthy Surysekar, I teach in Florida International University and I am here to teach you accounting”, with this small introduction began our journey into the concepts of financial accounting.  Accounting was an intimidating prospect to the majority of the class with an engineering background. But with Mr. Surysekar ‘s presence in the campus, through the duration of the course, all those initial apprehensions in hindsight seem unfounded. If teaching is about simplifying complex concepts and encouraging students to explore and question, then Prof Surysekar classes would be ample testimony to the definition.


From fear to love – that would sum up the students’ response to the course. One could hear debits and credits creeping into lunchtime conversations. The questions and discussions with the Professor went beyond the confines of the classroom and stretched to post dinner walks. As he himself remarked later, he had always wanted to stay close to the students and his wish, to our immense fortune, came true this time around. When the last class was around the corner, we had an informal session, where the topics ranged from life in b-schools to his hobbies. As he recounted his life in Kolkata, his hobbies, role models and the broad spectrum of his experiences, we got a glimpse of his personal life. In the end, he concluded with the same words he began with, “I am Krishnamurthy Surysekar, I teach in Florida International University and I am here to teach you accounting”. Life is strange, we meet new people, we interact and we part ways, but the impact of only a few persons remains with us and he is among those “few” for all his students. 

Aarti Pandey

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23 Responses to An impact for a lifetime

  1. Atman Shah says:

    well expressed!
    Definitely one of the best profs ive come across…wish he could teach us a couple more subjects!

  2. Archana says:

    It was really an awesome session with Prof. Suryashekar. He has a given an entire new perspective of accounting to all of us. Really wish this course could have been little longer. Based on my interactions with him during dinner, he seems to be a person who respects Indian culture a lot even though he has lived in the US for 20 years. That’s really amazing.

  3. Sumit says:

    ‘From fear to love’ epitomises the feelings of most of us as we sailed through this course. Dividends, Balance sheets were something I dreaded, but thats not the case now. A couple of things stand apart from his excellent teaching. His love for the filter coffee which made sure that we had our share of mid-lecture breaks. The other thing was the constant smile on his face. I’m sure a lot of will miss you.

    Thanks a lot sir.

  4. Muruganandan says:

    the question and answer session on a particular night with all 300 students is the best example to observe our lovable profs

    – skill to bring all 300 under one umbrella
    – answer each and every question running from
    left end to right.
    – deep knowledge of subject.
    – not even once he showed tiredness in his face.

    the list is almost endless.

  5. Anandadivya says:

    Prof.Suryasekar is one of the humblest person I have ever met.He is one person who is worth emulating in all aspects.Maximum respects for you sir!

  6. Manashi says:

    Very well-written, short and sweet, bringing together the awesome experience we all had. Suryasekar Sir is a gem of a professor and person. The exceptional nature have already been captured by many and i echo each of them. Hoping that our association with him continues.
    Thank you, Sir, you have taught us much more than just accountancy.

  7. Karthik Rajagopal says:

    I am sure he will be the ‘best teacher ever’ for most of us. Thanks a lot sir you made a lot of difference.

  8. Kunal Kaul says:

    Sir you have set a benchmark for all the teachers to follow. You are not only an Exceptional teacher but also a Gem of a person.

    Thank You Sir!

  9. Arjun Cvm says:

    Undoubtedly one of the best profs I have ever come across ! He is simple,humble and a true role model for us.

    “The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explains.The superior teacher demonstrates.The great teacher like Prof Suryasekar Inspires!! ”

    Kudos to you Sir!

  10. Manoj Mamachan says:

    Do come back sir. We will be waiting for you.

  11. Pradeep Krishnan says:

    I am one among those few fortunate souls to have got Prof.Surysekar as the instructor for the Accounting course. Among other things, his patience in taking time to explain fundaas and his way of communicating things to the class were awesome.
    I am reminded of the late night class on receivables where 300 of us were seated in the big lecture hall. And when people were getting their doubts cleared one-by-one, there were slight commotions in other sections of the class and the noise level was slowly starting to go up. I was inspired by the way he handled it.

    Prof. Raises hand…”Folks”..3 sec pause….”Thank you!”

    It happened 5 times!

    I can go on and on. I echo the feelings & comments of my batchmates. Thank you, Sir.

  12. Rajiv A says:

    An awesome teacher & a humble human being with a great sense of humor. Sir, You have the special knack of getting along well with the students and your classes were just awesome. We wish you could teach us more subjects in the coming terms. We will miss you 😦

  13. Rahul Suri says:

    Charismatic, witty, patient, erudite & fun-loving – A perfect blend of tamil nadu and miami!

    Thanks for a million for everything Sir!

  14. vetty says:

    Well written. While bidding adieu to him, i said ” we were both scared and sceptical about accountancy and thanks for removing those”.. with his trademark wit he replied ” scared you should not be, but sceptical… i am not sure..continue to be sceptical” am not sure i’ll ever find a prof who’ll encourage scepticism as a measure in the subject he is teaching..
    great teacher.. RESPECT.. best wishes for the years ahead sir !!!!

  15. Shruti Wani says:

    A very rare combination of patience, intelligence and wit and a very good orator as well.

    Thanks for making accounting interesting to us sir!

  16. Somnath Banerjee says:

    People like Prof.Surysekar put an indelible impression in one’s life. More than anything I learned simplicity from him. I learned how a person should teach. I learned what it means to be levelheaded. Thank You Sir.

  17. Swamynathan says:

    The size of the book, was so intimidating, a look at it cud give and engineer nightmares.. but he seamlessly finished without many ppl realising it.. but the best part was the energy and wit he brought to class, running back to back 2 hr sessions, always ready to offer help when sought, the highlight for me was the dhothi though 🙂 , never seen such a down to earth prof, hope we have more profs down the line like him.. Thank you Sir..

  18. Rege says:

    I would like to echo the same sentiments of my batchmates-most of us were so sceptical about accounting with zilch kowledge about it but sir made it so easy that it turned out to be the most easy subject of the term..
    Anyways thanks sir for coming down her and teaching us.Interactions with you has made us reaslise what it means to be humble and down to earth.Hope to see you soon sir.

  19. Divya Sharma says:

    Being an engineer accounts used to be a nightmare… but SIR you have made the subject such an easy read…. i wish you could teach us again….

    One of the best profs i have come across…
    Thank you SIR!!!

  20. Zoheb says:

    Wow…. 20 responses. Looks like you all had a great time with Accounting! I am sure you’ll get many more such opportunities as there are quite a few stalwarts yet to step foot in Great Lakes in the coming months. All the best

  21. Anandi says:

    Wish you a nice trip back. Hope to see you again.

  22. Pooja says:

    After having read the blog along with all the comments i so much wish to have joined Great Lakes coz i am still grappling with my credits and debits. 😦

  23. Sriram V Iyer says:

    This post on Prof. Surysekar brings back memories. As a course coordinator for his class, I vividly remember the first time he came to Great Lakes during 2004, and I sat with him to confirm his schedule during break time.

    “Not to worry, we have time. Let me pour you a cup of filter coffee while we discuss….” he’d replied with a warm smile. Yes, he’s certainly among those select few.

    Sriram V Iyer
    Class of 2005, Pioneers

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