An evening we would remember forever…

The band in full flow!

When everyday offers something poetic, can the poet be far behind? When every hour is a thing of beauty and joy, Can the muse be distant? A spectacle, the rains had to pause and admire and the sincerity in jubilation, that enveloped the atmosphere, almost surreal, we almost pinched ourselves to see if we were dreaming it all…

Just 3 weeks into college life again and boy, aren’t we loving it! We had a cultural event for the gladiators by the gladiators at the campus on 18th May. The weather was unlike Chennai, as if God had conspired to make the evening fun for us. But wait, these were just the condiments, the best part of the event was the performances by the Gladiators. To say that the event was simply mind-blowing is by no means an exaggeration. In fact, considering the fact that we were preparing for a barrage of tests, we are not able to fathom how our friends here got the time to practise for the event in the first place!

We had dance, skits and song performances. One of the songs of the evening went like “ye samaa, samaa hain ye pyaar kaa kisee ke intajaar kaa, dil naa churaa le kahee meraa, mausam bahaar kaa…” and another like, “Here I am, lost in the light of the moon that comes through my window..”, blending beautifully with the atmosphere. In the thin drizzle, beneath a star less sky, with a slight hint of a breeze, these songs took a life of their own, transcended the extraordinary abilities of the singers, touched all of us in different ways, some evoking nostalgia, some gaiety and some, the sweetness of a romance. If the singers had us eating out of their hands, the performance by our Great Lakes’ band ‘Straight Fs’ was a special one that left us spellbound.  Perhaps, the mood of the night was well captured in spirit by this piece of poetry by Metallica, “I never opened myself this way, Life is ours, we live it our way”, performed by the band. Those few minutes just flew past and before we knew, the magic had ended.

As people on stage, indulged in a funny game with balloons waiting for them to burst, some of us played antaakshari and soon changed it to dumb charades. There were moments of sheer hilarity when we posed for the camera. The cutest and the luckiest person in the campus meanwhile was having a gala time, soaking in all the attention she was getting and loving every moment of it. The camera captured every moment of it; if it had got a life of its own, it would have fallen in love at first sight many a time! Aptly enough, the event came to an end with “Kaisi paheli hai”.

Evenings like this, when they come along, lend a sense of variety and create an atmosphere of gentle bonhomie in the group, lightening the gravity of our duties ephemerally. Life is, all said and done, a mixed bag, one plunges the hand in and might never know with a confidently high degree of probability, what comes out. Some say, “free will” is an illusion at best; we thoroughly disagree; even those who agree would say, “It is the illusory nature of our lives and the eternal hope in the brightness of the future that sustains mankind”.  So, it is time to ring it in and make merry when all of us, at this point in our lives honestly believe in the power of “free will” to fashion our destinies. An ideal start for the course, this evening helped in knowing each other better and also gave a platform for people to showcase their talents. We are going to cherish this evening for a long time to come!

– Bloggers of the Gladiators’ batch (Class 2011)

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5 Responses to An evening we would remember forever…

  1. Zoheb says:

    Its nice to read these posts guys… reminds us of our days.
    A similar day for us was the Sanghamitra event! just that you people managed it within three weeks and that is great…

  2. coolshiv says:

    @ Zoheb: 🙂 Yes, we managed to pull it off and it is surprising even now to think how we did that…

  3. Srinidhi says:

    Plain ENVY 🙂 Good things and fun quotient (at GL) improve exponentially with every passing year! All the best GLADIATORS.

    CRUSADER, CLass of 2007

    • Bharat says:

      @Srinidhi – So true! It just keeps on getting better with every year. I am sure this year is no different.

  4. Bharat says:

    Sanghamitra has always been and will always be something that inspires you to do things that you never thought you will be able to do. Some discover the hidden Marlon Brandos and Al-Pacinos within themsleves, some realize they can sing decently (at least they like to believe that), some bring to life the guitarist in them (Eklavyas of Generation Y) modeled on the larger than life rock stars of yesteryears. Feeling nostalgic !

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