Snapshots from Great Lakes – Week #2

It is rare to find a rich mix of culture and experience in one single place. But yes, the myth I had, has been demystified at Great Lakes. It has been two weeks in Manamai and I have almost forgotten my past, immersed in my present and looking forward for the future. The first fortnight jitter seems to have gotten over and the junta are slowly acclimatising themselves to the new style of life. For most of us, it was amazing to come back to school after working for quite a long time. As we move along this post, I will probably walk you through our life here for the past one week, keeping all my comic sense aside, for once!

My closest association with Ramakrishna Ashram was that I stayed nearby to it, physically! When, I was handed over a book on Karma Yoga, I was perplexed – ‘How do I comprehend the contents?’. As the two weeks passed by, the enjoyable Karma Yoga classes on what I call  ‘understanding global management from an Indian perspective’, have definitely opened up a new arena for exploration and retrospection. Unknowingly, most of us may have followed the tatvas taught by Swami Vivekananda at work or at life, but we only realize after reading his speeches how right he was and how right we were in following his teachings. The transformational leadership and philosophy has certainly kindled some minds towards the thoughts of taking up research in that arena.

A large part of our life, we end up selling ourselves. First our parents try to sell (read: portray positively) you to a top class educational institution. Moving on, at every stage of our life, we sell ourselves and our ideas to the people that we come across. Most of us went further trying to sell ourselves to a B School and it worked! Well, we marketed ourselves in the crudest possible way, something that dawns every day as we sit in the Marketing Management class.

It’s sad that it took twenty seven years for me to understand the most important part of life! ‘Demand and Supply!’ Economics has made life look so simple using curves that I will need to agree with Edmund Bruke that “The Age of Chivalry is gone; that of sophistiers, economists and calculators has succeeded.”

As Gladiators move on further to rule the arena, one of my pals here just mentions ‘The Game has just begun….’

About amarharish

Was working as a Consultant for Five Years. Moved on to pursue a Masters in Management at Great Lakes, Chennai. Interests include Hi Tech, Brands, Quizzing, Leadership to name a few!
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