The Parliament, Diary of an Earthman, The Globe and Progress

Chapter 1- The Parliament

‘The future is of Nuclear forces,’ exclaimed the noble gases Helium and Argon.

‘Magnetic field has enveloped earth since its birth, sheathed it from sun’s storms and….’ the horse shoe magnet was cut short by a representative from the transition elements of periodic table. ‘We demand for a special treatment like lanthanoids and actnoids at the bottom of the table, we no longer accede to squeezing between metalloids and metals.

Noble gas xenon cleared his throat, everyone attentively turned to face him. ‘Hydrogen would divorce oxygen if our expectations are not met. Far too much importance is given to electricity these days. Earthmen, dumb fellows, they have still not found a way to store it; we elements on the other hand don’t have that luxury’.

‘Long live elements’ someone from the back benches shouted belligerently. It was nitrogen. ‘Long live nuclear forces’ added hydrogen silently.

‘Aah….’ There was sudden uproar in the parliament. Elephant’s trunk Nebula, 3000 light years away from Earth has been hosting parliamentary meetings for a long time now. But today, a dying star right behind the venue was disconcerting some of the fundamental forces, not to mention space and time whose unhappy marriage (14 billion yrs ago) has been kept going by a death threat from photons. Photons presently enjoy the status of ageless, time defying immortality; their access in space is illimitable, except for the suicide stars who have sacrificed their lives for black holes. Before space was surveyed by the early explorers, great number of photons was devoured by the black holes. But, today, photons have mapped every nook and corner of space. Fresh and young blood has revitalised suicide stars and the preponderance of black holes is on the rise too, but photons have their sources. If the sources do not return at the speed of 299 792 458 m / s, they are assumed to be dead, and the direction is henceforth tagged black (meaning: there is a black hole somewhere in that direction).

‘Gravity has been neglected since the big bang. Before that, we had a better arrangement, an equal opportunity for all the forces. But now, after the big bang 19, peace treaty of Armageddon has ripped us off. Our services are free of charge to one and everyone. Its is time that the treaty is rewritten’ with the face of a black hole and voice of seething activity, representative of gravity continued ‘we will restore solar system only after our conditions are met’

Chapter 2- Diary of an Earthman

‘Earthman is here’ noble gas xenon blew into the mike with his wide nostrils.

Sudden calmness came over the parliament. I was briefed by the doctor that operated upon me. I was their leader. The battle of fundamental forces has been there for as long as there was time and space. Electricity married magnetic forces little over 10^-26 seconds after the present big bang (cycle 19). The weak and strong nuclear forces were granted separate regions within the atom. The closeness between protons and neutrons within the nucleus was a problem area, but all the elements were at liberty to chose their spouses (conditions apply), and the issue stayed resolved since then.

But gravity, cantankerous fellow, was treated unfairly-so gravity had been claiming since the treaty was written and signed at the beginning of the big bang. All the fundamental forces (electricity, magnetism, strong nuclear, weak nuclear, gravity) chose to live separately, they operated in their own domains and areas allocated to them. But as it happens, their paths crossed in more than one occasion. So, the settlements were sought for. All but gravity had sorted their issues between themselves. But gravity was adamant, he demanded for the summoning.

‘Earthman, gravity’s issue has opened the Pandora’s box. Now everyone, including the silent elements from the periodic table has submitted their requests’ xenon began the proceedings. The hall was scented with aluminium vapours, Helium flew in the glass pillars. Mercury settled on the roof conducting electricity thoroughly. Representatives from other solar systems and galaxies were here; metals had them sit over them while gravity ensured that they are not ousted out of their seats. Horse shoe magnet settled divinely in electricity’s lap. Roof was plastered with ornamental work done exceptionally by calcium. Chloroplasts grew beautiful flowers in the fountain, located in the middle of the round hall. Two RNAs in a dead lock embrace formed stairs to get to the hall.

‘Gentlemen, and the jury, if I may, Earthman’s nether umbilical has been disconnected. It is an importunate request to all of you, to avoid personal questions’

With an abruptness that surprised everyone, shouted electricity ‘so, Earthman does not remember his days or his guise on earth?’

‘No. but he has been briefed’ clarified Xenon.

Gravity finally spoke. ‘Earthman, before I speak, I want you and the folks up here to know that I am in possession of 5 planets of the solar system where you were vacationing under the guise of inhabitants’ clearing a photon’s gaze on his forehead, continued ‘ you had better begin the proceedings’

Photons were enraged with this ‘we have been respecting the treaty of big bang 19 since time began’

‘And so have I’ with his lips puckered devilishly, gravity continued ‘photons are digressing from the issue at hands’

‘No. I am not. While I stuck to the speed of 299 792 458 m / s throughout space, you chose to play around with the treaty. Your influence on Jupiter, Saturn, earth…. all are very different’

Space spreading her inviolate skin on the sofa by the fountain gestured to Earthman. Beating her eye lashes furtively, she pulled time into her loving embrace in an attempt to communicate without gravity noticing them. Earthman stood up, grabbed the lead hammer rested on golden table and with one fling of his arm, threw it in the direction of Titan who was peeping from behind the massive pillar by the exit door.

‘Ooh! Gentleman of the jury, I hereby present an intruder. Largest moon of Saturn, Titan; Welcome sir’ noble gas Xenon was all attentive, his eyes following Titan’s movements as he limped across the hallway to reach the podium.

‘Why is he left in the open with no Saturn to rotate about’ with his arm raised, Nitrogen inquired. ‘I am the atmosphere of this moon here. I demand an explanation’

Gravity fidgeted, mumbled something under his breath. Earthman realising that he had gravity under control, proceeded to explicate the big bang 19 treaty to him. Permission to drill black holes in space was renewed after the last big bang. Prior to that, the periods between big bang 16 and 19, gravity was strictly forbidden from drilling black holes.

Earthman, pointing to his right temple with the index finger, noted ‘the secret liaison with stars has come to my notice. You have interjected time in prompting stars to donate their bodies for your black holes. This is unpardonable’

‘You have churned and created molecular instability in the Andromeda galaxy last night.’ Xenon stated as a matter of fact.

‘Super nova explosion’ titan reaffirmed.

Supernova explosions, result of exploding star’s material, often give birth to new stars. The treaty was clear on the number of additions per year. Gravity was clearly not following the routine.

‘What has this got to do with me? Ask space and time’ with contempt, gravity wrinkled his forehead.

‘The stars were gravitationally bound together. It was not a nova, a supernova. You cannot fool me’ photon sneered.

Chapter 3- The Globe

Earthman rose up from his chair, walked over to xenon. This followed by the two conversing in hush-hush tones while the rest remained seated, some clutching the arms of chairs with their fists tightly; others tapping their feet on the floor incessantly; still others biting their nails nervously; mercury paused in its flow; chloroplasts were no longer breathing; and, RNAs released themselves from the spiral lock. Earthman snatched a paper that was lying on Xenon’s table, took his time to read through and finally surveyed the crowd before reading it out loud.

‘Gravity will be granted the dust cloud of Andromeda galaxy that was a result of twin stars exploding into supernova. Other fundamental forces and photons will assist gravity in its endeavours’ this was followed by groaning and objection form photons. Earthman continued ‘gravity is free to create stars, planets and solar systems. Space will be finite, frontiers of which will be duly communicated. However, time does not fall under the agreement and hence cannot be tinkered with.’ This was greeted with affirmation form few sections in the audience.

‘Until such time as gravity sees fit, his favourite moon ‘Titan’ would be kept hostage, hidden and camouflaged on earth.’  Loud Applause deafened the parliament. Earthman pointed to a yellow file on the desk and Xenon nodded his head with comprehension.

Time ran its tentacles all over titan, projected it into the future, and shrunk it to the size of a sphere 1 metre in diameter. And, so it happened. The solar system was restored. All the planets resurfaced in their orbits; Gravity with a slight nudge, rolled them into motion.

Titan was tucked away in the Fertile Crescent around Greece for over 40,000 years; was shifted to England during the last 3 centuries. Recently, for a brief period, it has been hidden in America. Throughout this period, Titan has been hidden away. But presently, it stands in the middle of a fountain in the false disguise of a globe in Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

Progress gravitated towards Titan in the past, and will continue to, in the present and future.

Chapter 4- Progress

Learning here is hidden packed under every book of the library, under every pillow of patriot, learning here is a treasure hunt.

MBA at Great Lakes is a focused fusion of ‘global mindset’ and Indian roots’. It is said that Great Lakes churns out ‘business ready managers’, that the experience is unique and distinguished. It is said that one enters Great lakes with a desire to benefit the society, but returns benefiting oneself.

They say, MBA at Great Lakes transforms you!

Great Lakes is just too good to be true. In a brief span of five years, the institute has attained a ‘cult status’. During the Last year (2008-09) placement season, unlike other schools that struggled to place their students, we achieved ‘100% placements’ with an average salary of 8.7 lakhs per annum. 40 companies visited the school for the first time last year. In highly uncertain and infinitely dynamic placement season of last year, a triumph of this kind is testimony to the fact that the institute is greatly revered by the companies for the unique philosophical doctrine.

Since the time of inception in 2004, Great Lakes’ reputation preceded its placements. Companies, in their quest for ‘business ready’ managers with socially conscious leadership qualities visited the campus and were served promptly. The diversity of Students at Great Lakes, the rich industry experience that each student brings to the table is the prime force that spearheads our success. The school is entirely ‘student driven’, it is the students that have designed the models for the school, which have helped us achieve the success that we witness today. Companies acknowledge the beauty of this methodology (where students test all the acquired skills from their repertoire of industry experience, streamline their armory by the end of the year) and have been revisiting us since the time of inception.

We are improvising with every passing day, the current batch is confident of their placements into industries of their choice. This confidence is supported by the promises that the school fulfilled for the companies in the last five years. We acknowledge that it is an uphill task from here, but we have evolved to reciprocate promptly to the changes in the industry. Our armory is stronger than ever, our weapons sharper than ever.

The present batch of students with median CAT score of 96 and average work experience of over 3 years have a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the nuances of management, leadership, and the fine line that connects the two philosophies. Great Lakes under the inspiring leadership of Dr. Bala V Balachandran has sworn to tread the dark alley (that divides leadership and management), lead the students to illumine the shadowy pathway with the halo of karma yoga on their heads and torches of management in their hands.

The institute believes in the doctrine of social responsibility and the “karma yoga” project is designed to instill leadership qualities with overtones of social consciousness.

Luminaries from all over the world visit Great Lakes; the vivifying lectures by professors from around the world present the students with rare insights into core subjects. Timely sermons by pioneers of Indian Civil Services like T.N Seshan spread out infectious inspiration.

The ‘Platinum rated Green campus’ that spreads across 16 acres is an artist’s delight. With world class infrastructure, multifarious student profiles, admirable philosophy and a campus that fits into the surrounding eco-system beautifully, we stand ‘head to shoulders’ over some of the best known B-schools.

Time freezes here, so much activity is squeezed into every breath that with the blink of an eye, sun bids farewell and the moon invades the clean and frozen sky.

Such is the beauty of the school,

Grandeur, love and humility coexist here.

Like a school of fish that swishes past a giant whale under its own nose, Great Lakes, with its unique philosophy has left all the giants behind.

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