Getting Sentimental… and a little mental too!

The last week of college and this MBA course has dawned upon us and hence the monsoon of sentiment has begun. The evidence is clear…everyone’s gtalk status messages ooze with memories of the year gone by. A lot of music flowing from peoples rooms echo songs of friendship and one can’t help feel the paradoxical mood of happiness and sadness on campus. Many of us have started moving out so as to report for careers in great companies. Slowly, we have begun relishing the last of many things like ‘our last meal at this restaurant’, ‘our last assignment’,’ our last day at class’,’ our last time as a band’…and much more.

They say that tragedy and the journey through difficulty brings people together, and it is this one thing that the Patriots batch has in ample amounts. We’re all going back into the big bad world with great stories and experiences that many years from now we’d look back over the wrinkles and smile and probably say ‘This was  all worth it.’. The patriots begun a year with a campus still trying to find some semblance of shape and form…intermittent internet connections with profs making it worse with overburdening assignments….regular visits from the resident creatures of the wild….the first few months of working out of hotel rooms at 5 star resorts, yet turning out some radical presentations…the flooding during the first rains….I can probably go on and on about this and you’d come to a conclusion on a picture that is filled with more tragedy than triumphs. But then, there is a reason why we are called the ‘Patriots’, we’ve battled through all of this and like many a freedom fighter, are leaving a campus that is truly world class for the many batches to come.

Warning: I’m going to get very dramatic now…it’s the sentiment and nostalgia speaking.

The walls and stairs of the campus have been built by the blood of this batch, the junk food that adorns the shelves of the store came from the starvation of this batch, the trees and grass you see have sprung from the mud and sand that welcomed this batch, the air conditioning and high speed internet come from the heat, sweat and mental toil that this batch went through when assignments with impossible deadlines were given…and the internet decided to stop working. The discounts at the hotels come from the regular visits by our batch looking for a change from the …ahem….excellent canteen food. To all my juniors, everything you see around you has come from the many sacrifices made by the patriots, who honour the many sacrifices made by everyone right from first batch at Great Lakes to us, who now give you a dream….and a paradise that many have seen tribulations for. Honour us! Honour those who made this dream! And take forth into the future the great name that we have built so carefully!

Okay! I am done with my attempt at being a motivational speaker. I think it was as motivating as the speech made by Morpheus (of Matrix fame) right before the great party at Zion. Sigh! There goes yet another alternate career choice down the drain.

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4 Responses to Getting Sentimental… and a little mental too!

  1. Suryya says:

    Appreciate the fact that despite all odds , hallucinations, sun and sand ,the show went on – the blog kept breathing for another year. Nice job done and hope that the reins are handed over to another able set of fine beings . Good luck for a great life ahead!!

  2. Indraneel Mukherjee says:

    The batch of Gladiators certainly honour the great sacrifices made by the Patriots and would would put in more than 200% effort to ensure that the brand Great Lakes reaches the zenith.

  3. Aniruddha says:


  4. Binoy says:

    I have great respect for the patriots. They gave more to the alma mater than they took from it. Your spirit is undying and the campus that you made stands against time. Every batch that passes out of here with flying colours, the patriots ‘passion and dream’ goes along with them. Thank you

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