The Locomotion!

She sat by the window; with her elbow rested on the window sill, supported her chin in her right hand’s palm. With a book in her lap, she began reading; every now and then, she would raise her eyes and look through the window in a stately, calm and intense contemplation. Gigantic poles separated from each other by vast dry land suffered under the weight of electric wires; fields mysteriously swayed in harmony to the evening breeze, and the breeze spasmodically toppled over near the edges with no object to sway over, it nearly vanished beneath the perimeters of the fields; tall chimneys billowed smoke into the sky that swallowed the orange sun as train pierced its way into a tunnel. The tunnel heaved like a sleeping monster; strong acrid smell rose up to fill the insides of the train.

A Great laker’s journey begins much as the lady’s- sitting by the window of our great halls in the campus, we are exposed to a world where businesses are run. We sit by the window of business administration with a laptop, make observations, and deduce logical connections between seemingly random occurrences of events. Some develop an eye for marketing; some busy themselves with numbers (finance), while others can’t wait to get their hands dirty (operations).

A guard stood by the tracks with a green torch in his hand, train shifted tracks with each wheel producing a metallic thud as it crossed over. A girl digging castles in the sand piles by the station, left her work, stood up, beat her frock twice to get rid of the sand, and stately waved at the passing train. In the station, men and women hurried with their luggage bags, into the train; with the luggage bags lodged underneath their seats, they sat with relief and surveyed the surroundings. Amidst the chaos, a man in railway uniform selling tea bent over to fill the paper cups, in the process blocked the passage and a raucous exchange of expletives thus ensued.

Tracks shift- which discipline to major in? Which discipline is intriguing, and which has a promising future? Ones with passion for finance end up majoring in marketing, and so on. The final weeks of term 3 are the most propitious, yet the most confusing. After shifting between marketing, operations, strategy and finance, dwelling on the pros and cons for a good 2 to 3 weeks, the decision has to be made. Hesitantly, decisions are made. Beginning of term 4 brings with it a barrage of assignments and the chaos of Indian railway stations is much too inferior in comparison.

With calmness restored, she began reading again. Men buried themselves into newspapers while the train ran over an old bridge. With her face puckered against the corrosive window grills, shading her eyes with the back of her hands, she watched in amazement as the head of the train sped away in a wide angular direction. Sound of metal rubbing against metal echoed through the valley underneath the bridge; a thin stream of water creased the sandy valley, its path intercepted with rotund rocks and crevices. The sandy valley appeared to be melting, forming streams of molten liquid that flew over the radiating sand protecting it from the burning sun’s wrath. As the sun disappeared into the horizon; inside the compartment, the man sitting before her lowered his newspaper and snuck a peek at her

By the end of term 7, all is well. New passengers have come on board, and we will have to get down at our station. Like the protagonist in our story, we, great lakers meet many passengers on our journey. And one passenger in particular (the company that recruits us), takes us away, for yet another journey.

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3 Responses to The Locomotion!

  1. Preet says:

    Great Article. Refreshing template.The best that i have seen. Pl keep it like that .

  2. T N swaminathan says:

    Dear Kranti : Will miss your blogs !! But I guess there will be few more before you get down. Look forward and all the best !!!!

  3. nice one kranthi….especially when the journey is about to end….

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