L’Attitude 13’05 – Phew! Whatte rush!

The blogging committee has been on a hiatus for a few weeks. Please don’t yell or scream at any of us, we were just too busy having a brilliant time at college. I’m going to start listing out some of the really amazing events that have been keeping the students at Great Lakes busy. Let’s begin with L’Attitude. This is going to be a long post, so I suggest you pick up a bowl of cornflakes or a nice beverage.

Held on the 8th and 9th of January, our annual B-fest L’Attitude was held for the first time at the new campus which you have read a lot about. This brought along with it a whole new set of challenges…and a whole lot of fun. We had nearly 720 entries from the various B-schools from around India. The various event organizers spent many nights with the professors trying to filter out the best entries for the finals to be held here at the campus. D-day arrives…. a gala event is planned, and the rain gods decide to be mean. While the inauguration was to happen indoors, numerous participants in the cultural events stand worried and praying that the rain stops. 11th hour, hardly any respite. The show goes on.

For the inauguration, we were graced by two very erudite and successful people. Our chief guest for the evening was the Honourable Minister for Corporate Affairs and Minority Affairs – Mr.Salman Khurshid. Our other guest of honour was Mr. A Vellayan, MD – Murugappa group. Both speakers addressed the students and press present on various aspects of business, corporate affairs and the future of the nation. The lighting of the lamp took a step away from the normal procedure and had the children from the nearby villages with whom the Karmayoga committee of the Great Lakes Institute of Management have been doing some good work with over the academic year.

The inauguration is over, but the students are given a great treat in the form of Mr.Sam Pitroda who promised to join us on L’Attitude. Mr.Pitroda took time to speak to the students over a video chat which lasted over an hour. By such time, the rain decided to give us a break, but the stage was still quite wet. This is where managing in a crisis for MBA grads kicks in. Making the best of a situation gone wet…sorry gone bad….the rock band set up in the corridor. The rest of the dances and songs went off really well. The first evening was brought to a close with a performance from the college band – The Straight Fs.
The second day of L’Attitude began with the CEO Talk by some of the best minds from business, politics, entrepreneurship and the works. The lists of our speakers for the morning are as follows:
1. P Murari, Advisor to President of FICCI & Former Secretary to President of India
2. K B Chandrasekhar, Chairman & CEO, Jamcracker Inc.
3. K Raghavendra Rao – Managing Director, Orchid Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
4. Srivatsa Krishna Former IAS
5. Ranganath N Krishna – CEO Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd.
6. Ajit Balakrishnan – Founder, Chariman and CEO Rediff.com

Once the morning talk was over, students from various colleges were fighting for top honours ( and big prize money). The events held focused on the finance, marketing, HR, operations and strategic aspect of Mergers and Acquisitions. I need to take the time to point out that Great Lakes played host to all the colleges and to avoid any sort of hullabaloo of partiality.

After long grueling hours of working and presentations, the evening moved on to the power talk. Mr. TN Seshan played moderator to the panel of Prof. Radhika Chadha, Co founder, Paradigm India, Shri. R Santhanam – Managing Director, Hindustan Motors Limited, Shri. Prashanta Kumar Mishra, Co-founder & Chairman Kalingasoft & Co-Founder & First Pro-Chancellor, KIIT University and our very own Prof. Bala V Balachandran. The power talk was one of the most active events of the day with Mr.Seshan moderating, most of the audience clapped and cheered at many of the remarks made by Mr.Seshan. The evening and the fest came to a close with the corporate quiz. Conducted by renowned quiz master, Gautam Bose, we had over 50 teams from all over India comprising of corporate India. The quiz went on for nearly 2 hours with none of the finalists willing to give up easily.

At the end of two days of fun, business and knowledge sharing, the campus went silent. Thanks to all the excitement of the last two days, most students decided to catch up on their sleep.I am sure that I’ve covered only part of all the excitement.

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