The Certain Disconnect

Today, we had the alumni meet at Great Lakes. For many of our alumnus, it must have been a great day to see an almost complete campus which is a farcry from the small single building at Saidapet. One could not help but notice the envy in their eyes that the Patriots batch (that’s us) were the first to get this swanky new campus. While many drew comparisons to other B-schools, I soon realized that despite its small size, the old building in the heart of Chennai was where all the magic began. And through its doors, many great students have passed out. And when I speak to our faculty, one easily notices the nostalgia oozing through when they talk about the old campus which is still very very special to them. The same is with the foreign faculty who still hold fond memories of the old campus, and end up being overwhelmed by the new campus. But then, isn’t that life? Constantly changing.

I will try not to get into the nitty-gritty of the event, which would be covered by another blog. When we sat down for the afternoon session, the previous batches of Great Lakers, on whose hard work we reap benefits, showed us videos they have made of the lovely little campus we had. And while nostalgia filled up in me like a pint of beer, as I looked upon all the interesting seniors we have, I sort of began missing the concept of a two year course. While one part of me is happy that the usual hazing and ‘Call me SIR’ did not happen, another part feels that there is a total disconnect from batch to batch.

There are no urban legends handed down though the generations. No gyan sessions about dos and don’t you dare’s. No long unproductive evenings spent over an ale discussing strategy to raise hell in the next class and the all important….placements! While ragging is officially taboo…I believe this is the one part of the course us chaps in the one year MBA are missing out on. And with this, there remains a greater disconnect within the alumni where people are oblivious to the existence of others. I guess, this is where we, as a college need to start focusing on. With sufficient batches having passed out, it is paramount for us to develop the all important ‘network’….not only merely for job recommendations, but much more like making new friends. At the end of it all, it comes down to weighing the pros and cons of the One-year program vis-à-vis the two year program.

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3 Responses to The Certain Disconnect

  1. MAK, Jr Pioneer Batch says:

    You are right, Nikhilesh.
    Always felt that the groups we form every year, were reinventing the wheel. Would have been nice to build on the best practices every year… build a culture.

    Though the positive side to it is that there is no weight of tradition, to prevent every new batch from trying something fresh each year.

    Probably a 18 month course with one time admissions would engage an overlap; or 12 month courses running in parallel, offset (but with complexity of multi-annual placement seasons!). Uncle B would probably favor option 2: think asset utilisation 😉

    Miss the course operating from One Building, with 130 of us forced to learn and get to know each other at close quarters… Lake Superior, Lake Manasarovar, ‘huddles’ …. nostalgia!

  2. Prashanth says:

    Hi Nikhilesh,

    Your post really got me thinking. The bond which existed two years back is now slowly weakening with my alma mater. maybe we have become too preoccupied with our personal and professional lives that we really dont think about other things. with regards to networking, i just think we are still comfortable in our own cocoon and fail to reach out. the best way to solve this , as you mentioned could be to create a culture around the insti and pass on the baton to every batch and each batch should have a onus on creating something very unique which they can lay claim to and be proud of. for instance we were the proud parents of latitude, sanghamitra and the first great lakes college song. the next batch had the blog i guess. i seriously think if we can revitalize our alum forum it would do leaps and bounds to foster better alumni interaction. i had some ideas which i wanted to implement and then lost interest. let me know if we can liase to get it up and running. to give you a hint, just look at IIMB’s alum portal. you will get to know what we mean by defining a cult. if we can get ideas around that and model our alum portal in similar lines but bearing something unique to great lakes , that should help us in being networked.

  3. vishnu says:

    why not start a frsh blog on glakesaa.blogspot sort of thing and make it popular gradually….one can visit iimcaa.blogspot for instance

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