Nirman 2010 – B-model Competition

Great Lakes announces launch of Nirman 2010.

Entrepreneurship is more than a fad; it is the need of the hour. With India poised for rapid growth, we are at the cusp of a major upheaval. The amount of innovation from India has increased tremendously with major companies considering India as their strategic innovation hub. But we are still a long way from creating the next Google or 3M out of India.

Nirman 2010 aims to give wings to the ideas that will fire India’s engine of growth. Are you game for it?

For more details, visit:

About Ravi Kiran

I'm a tiny blip on the radar of this universe, as are you. So before knowing me, know thyself! Still, If you must. I'm a 26 year old pursuing my management degree from Great Lakes, Chennai. I worked in technology domain for over 4 years before Great Lakes happened to me. I can speak Telugu, Hindi, English, can understand Bengali.
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