Mr. Manohar Parrikar, Hon. Leader of opposition, Goa on “Leadership, Good governance & Management”

Executive Director Prof. Sriram opened the session with his eloquent display of warm welcome to the guest. He remarked that the decision to enter politics for any individual shrinks in relevance and the individual belittles politics, for the image that the field has gathered over years is anything but pretty. He showered praise on the guest for such an audacious decision.

Mr. Parrikar’s speech began on a note of flirtatious humour, oscillated through the trenches of bureaucratic imagery and political despondence before finally resting on the firm shoulders of his talk on leadership. “I told my ministers; Finance and Education sectors would rest with me. Former everyone clamoured for, agreed after thorough examination of pros and cons but later no one cared for” reminisced the speaker of his first day in office as CM. Responding to a question from the audience, speaker asserted that “Education precedes population in the list of priorities for the progress of our nation”. Education rips past every other parameter and sits right on top, such was the firm contention of the speaker. In referring to Bureaucrats, the speaker claimed that “Bureaucracy is the water in that glass” pointing to the glass before him, he continued “water takes the colour and taste of the politicians”.

Referring to oft cited comparison between CEO and CM, he mentioned a CEO can choose his team but a Chief Minister doesn’t have similar freedom. This is when leadership is very important. Giving anecdotes of 1965 war with Pakistan and Kargil he mentioned the importance of leading from the front. He emphasised the pivotal role character plays in the development of a leader.

Through his amazing recollections of adorable short stories, he observed that a leader is one who is “literate, educated and wise”.  Through the gripping tale of a herdsman and a consultant, he mimicked the ostentatious outpour of extravagance which could have been avoided. Later, he narrated few anecdotes of his, and through them demonstrated to the audience, the power of “leadership with focus”. In response to another inquisitive patriot (class of 2010), Mr. Parrikar noted that bureaucrats have to made accountable, and this act he contended, would lead to the progress of nation.

The program ended with Prof. Veeravalli’s vote of thanks.

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One Response to Mr. Manohar Parrikar, Hon. Leader of opposition, Goa on “Leadership, Good governance & Management”

  1. Ravi Kiran says:

    It was an enthralling session, gave us a politician’s perspective of the evils ailing us. One take away I got was, vote for the party’s beliefs rather than the individual.

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