EOS, ‘A touch of Class’ by Mr. Dhruv Bhusan

Mr. Dhruv Bhusan opened the session with the contention that ‘soft skills form the overarching tool in the whole repertoire at avail for a business man’.
In the context of ‘what life will be like after an MBA’, he referred to the business deals that happen on a golf course, on the dinner table or even over coffee. And, the people that the table of discussion comprises of -different people from different backgrounds, diverse fields and domains from the industry. He observed that the first impressions still last, be it the cover of a book or the face of an MBA.
Referring to a scene from the movie ‘Wall Street’, the speaker reemphasised his remarks about the corporate life and the subtle nuances that make or break a deal. He noted that although as a professional person one is proffered with acute business acumen, it is the little pinch of charisma that makes the professional sublime.
About positive first impressions, the speaker played us clips from ‘pretty woman’, he pointed out that ‘good manners will open doors that the best education cannot’.
He ended the session with an open invitation for a session on Networking, throwing parties and everything that is inclusive of the gamut of social etiquette, business etiquette, table manners, etc. that complete the MBA education.
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