Lock Stock and Trade at Great Lakes

Great Lakes, with the firing mechanism- a coruscating metallic lock (the biggest mock IPO event); fitted on the wooden butt end -stock of the gun (20 acres green campus); Powered with nine cylindrical smoking barrels (seven of these were Great Lakes teams) fired incessantly for over eight hours.

Even as the met department issued signs of warning, even as the torrential rain consumed the east coast road, Great Lakers escorted the enemy tanks (teams from other institutions) to the war zone. And, soon it began.

Prof. R.S. Veeravalli-Director Executive MBA, opened the event with the characteristic elegance and composure that he is known for. Welcoming the guests, he quipped that Great Lakes has been busy praying for rain this morning, so the visitors would remember the day for a life time. He later remarked that the memorable day has been made possible by the judges who have confirmed to be on the panel, and expressed his deepest gratitude for making to the event despite the deluge.


  1. Srinivasan Vishwanathan, partner at Apt Talent Partners, Inc
  2. K. Ramakrishnan, Executive Director & Head, Spark Capital
  3. Mr. R. Narayan, VP, HDFC Bank

Mr. Vishwanathan recalling his meeting with Dr. Bala V. Balachandran (Dean and founder of Great Lakes), noted that his visit to Great Lakes has been a memorable one. He observed “I have not seen such an event anywhere else. Perhaps this is one of its kind; a unique one”. Later he spoke about the sea change in the style of investing today, from what it had been twenty years prior to now. In this context, he noted “I think it was Reliance that changed the way we looked at stocks”. Moving on, he explored the rationale behind the shift. Technology, he opined, shrunk the product life cycles and has brought in short term focus.

The event began with all the teams presenting the companies they represented while investors sifted in their minds, their priorities.

T. S. Eliot resignedly postulated in 1915 (albeit in a different context)

Do I dare
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse

Every one of us, ones playing investors, ones representing the nine companies, all of us submitted to neurotic indecisiveness in the face of suffocating intensity of the game as the event began.

Every single minute, someone in a corner somewhere in the big hall of three hundred switched his priorities of investment. The worried ones left the hall to sip hot coffee in Bajaj Bistro, the jubilant ones sat meditatively staring at the steel structure in the India Cements Amphitheater.

And, so it went on for over eight hours.
Please check out the winners at our Achievements page.

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