There! There! Cried out a great laker

There! There! Cried out a great laker at eight forty five on a bright morning,
At the sight of vision in his head that was forming
The rainbow in the sky receded into the background,
While he treaded on the road to class, lonely and awkward
In the class, he chided and others were thrilled,
For able though, he left the assignment unfinished
The lecturer grimaced and the lonely warrior produced,
‘Parts missing’, the lecturer exclaimed ‘splendid, you have achieved’
Doubtful warrior protested,
And the lecturer censured
‘Your work is a mark of genius, for you have twisted the ending’ explained the bald man on stage,
Baffled but delighted, acquiesced the young sage
A golden bird alighted in manamai,
Impressed fortune upon the great laker and said ‘hi’
The bird (guest lecturer) dipped its wings in pools of great lake,
And was treated with a big candle, coke and a cake
Golden fluids dripped him (great laker) wet as he stepped into the pool, in glee,
The clock chimed four quarters past three
It was raining and he wore his trousers rolled,
The sky was pallid and weather cold
Munching heavily on the evening snacks, gratified with every bite,
He enquired with his team, of the tasks for the night
‘So much to do, so little time’, complained his team mate ‘what with the cold weather, I am not even fit’
‘Whining doesn’t help’, said he ‘it’s for our own benefit’
Together they finished the assignments, little did they realise that it was three in the morning,
Widely yawning, his friend scathingly argued ‘it is so very boring’
But, it is….he yawned ostentatiously, staring pleasingly at the wrist watch,
And they all went into the TV room to watch highlights of the previous day’s match
Then they parted, slept for little over two hours,
Before waking up to read the first fifteen pages of the next course
The washing machine was swallowing his shirt buttons one at a time,
And he thought ‘aliens are behind this conspiratorial crime’
Thoroughly enjoying the picturesque beauty of the fields from his room’s window,
He started, at someone behind him, the shadow
‘We are getting late’ adjudged his friend ‘for the class’
So, he ran madly and almost fell into the pool, trying to prevent from bumping into the lass
The library so huge and wide that he sat in a corner overlooking the gym,
To avoid feeling empty and vacant, he pulled the blinds before him
Rain left the mirrors clean, oh the outside weather was so still!
He caught cold, so reluctantly swallowed a pill
Perused through the day’s news, grimaced at a politician’s fate,
Made notes of some, for a future date
The white little doggy was dancing in the rain, while he was searching for ‘the times’ in the shelf,
Prancing and pulling hard at the branch of a tree that dropped low, the doggy enjoyed all by himself
The sun descended, stars conjured as if in a trail,
The academics lady released the score card, so read the mail
‘come let’s go to mahabs’ his friend craning his neck into the grade sheet proposed,
‘But it’s nothing really, oh nothing really’ he read the lyrics for the song he composed
The canteen was chaotic and the queue long,
So he left the place to try a hand at ping pong
Horrified at the defeat he ran upstairs, the mirrors inside the gym had a lustful sheen,
Heaving he returned after finishing a round on the jogging machine,
At dinner, he eavesdropped on some fellows, about economy, they were quacking,
After dinner, the cute little dog approached him, with its tail wagging
He pat the dog around the ears,
And struck a chat with a chap about the market bulls and bears
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One Response to There! There! Cried out a great laker

  1. Amazing display of life @Glakes in poetic form, write some books 🙂

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