Great Lakers win accolades!

The conundrum of success and failure is never ending one. You don’t succeed if you don’t try. But when you try, failure is at a knocking distance. But try, you must!

For starters a B School event is nothing like a normal event. Add a heap of a Quiz or two, 1 teaspoon of B Plan contest, one trading simulation game, two crates of white paper contests, for appetizer a Debate contest, as a garnish add a Rock music performance, Eureka you have a B School event.

Present batch of Great Lakes, Patriots, are there all across B Schools these days. These festivals are an amazing place to showcase talent but more importantly it’s a vindication of all your learnings both in the class rooms and out of them.

Every now and then news of a new conquest comes trickling. The quietness of East Coast Road, with an occasional car zooming towards Pondicherry, is in stark contrast to the hectic preparations for the latest event being done inside the Great Lakes campus. May be this very unique mix of ethereal beauty and best management education makes us who we are.

The ongoing ‘Footie’ – Great Lakes football championship is the icing on the cake.

Check out the latest news on Great Lakes Student achievements @:

About Ravi Kiran

I'm a tiny blip on the radar of this universe, as are you. So before knowing me, know thyself! Still, If you must. I'm a 26 year old pursuing my management degree from Great Lakes, Chennai. I worked in technology domain for over 4 years before Great Lakes happened to me. I can speak Telugu, Hindi, English, can understand Bengali.
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