Demon sleep, coffee hall and the sleepy white dog

Just as a young man seated near the window in the general compartment of a moving train is troubled by a sleeper jolting against him, Great Lakers seated near the window of the world in the compartment term 4 of the moving course MBA are troubled by the state of sleeplessness jolting against them perpetually.

The young man, the protagonist, might scornfully nudge, or worse poke against the sleeper. But, Great Lakers have learned the discipline of carrying the weight of sleeplessness; students have learned to confront the overpowering desire to sleep (by merely delving into the depths of subjects, be it marketing, operations, finance or strategy). Slowly, Great Lakers have evolved into balancing the slippery sleep on their eye lids, never to let the demon sleep fall into the eyes, for once inside, the demon multiplies and reddens the eyes.

“Reprimand the sleep, let us stay awake!” protest the Great Lakers. The rendezvous at the coffee halls late in the night have turned into something more meaningful. Sipping the hot coffee out of a disposable paper cup, with the screeching noise (of the learnt knowledge of the day floating on the surface of everybody’s mind, seething with piercing intensity to settle on the floor of the mind, for once and all) in their heads, each student eyes the other. In a fleeting glimpse, each student acknowledges the other’s conquests of the day.

In that coffee hall, while the world sleeps peacefully, Great Lakers compare their bounties, as the predators in wild do. Students sit loosely packed under one unifying theme- the unquenchable desire to know more. Someone in deep muse staring at the glass window is deeply adored by someone outside the window as an affirmation to the swelling mind space of the former.

The ruminations over the day’s conquests are silently acknowledged by everyone. The sleepy white dog disturbed by the communion, wakes up, wags its tail, stretches its body with its front legs extended outwards, paws a fly fallen from the overhanging bulb suspended firmly, pokes at the fly with his paws, puts his wide nostrils against the miniature, sneezes instantly and walks away from the dead fly (for he dislikes dead flies). Then, he sits and curiously watches the students and wonders if they all belong to a secretive clan (for it is late at night, and the students are punctual, and everyone is involved in tempestuous colloquies).

The sleepy white dog is perhaps (for now) the only one who has noticed the development of the secretive clan; he has been with us for almost seven months now. He waits for the clan to adjourn the day’s proceedings, for he has to get some sleep. Oh no! Not so fast, because here comes the time of the day he had been waiting for; before adjourning for the day, all the students, for a brief but momentous time, reflect on their reverence to the ultimate goal (an overwhelming desire to contribute meaningfully to the imminent and dramatic change in the world).

All the students raise their eyebrows to greet each patriot (for they belong to a secretive clan now, and have to follow the rituals) goodbye for the day. And this greeting leaves all the patriots’ (for the current batch is called patriots by the charismatic Dean ‘Uncle Bala’) foreheads wrinkled with the weight of sleep burdening upon the eyelids, and the wrinkles stay on forever as the secret symbol of rank and membership in the clan. He watches as all the students disperse with the contentment of the weight on their eye lids, and slips back into sleep.

Great Lakers would perhaps never fulfill the role of the protagonist (the young man troubled with the jolting sleeper in the train), for they have tamed the demon sleep by its tail and hooked it to their eyelids, never to let it fall into the eyes. For Great Lakers who have carried the monstrous weight of sleep on their tiny leaf shaped eye lids, the weight of a puny little jolting sleeper on their firm shoulders is grossly unsubstantial. 

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One Response to Demon sleep, coffee hall and the sleepy white dog

  1. Suryya says:

    You folks are doing a fabulous job with the blog . The twitter feed section is well thought of and the green theme is a nice idea. It falls in line with the architectural philosophy of the Great Lakes campus. I am left with one suggestion- can the look be enhanced keeping the Green-essence intact . Could mean a pic , collage or anything else you guys feel will look mind-watering ( as there are many readers out there who would not know about the Green Campus and might give the look of the blog a pass by..if you know what i mean.)Thanks.

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