September: The fun-filled jam packed month!

September! A month that had everything that could possibly have happened in thirty days. Ganesh chaturthi had just gone by and people were under its euphoria when Sanghamitra took place, our bi-annual college festival. The hostel came alive during this period, there were practices for dance, singing, fashion show, skits etc in every nook and corner, much before the event was supposed to take place. So when the actual event arrived, everyone was very well prepared and executed their part to perfection. This day saw the whole set of 260 come to the newly inaugurated India Cements amphitheatre and enjoy every part of the show which ranged from singing, dancing, skits, fashion show, miming and the in house rock show. Moreover everyone hit the dance floor at the end of the whole event, and that was the time when everyone let their hair down and had a blast. A day which captured everyone’s imagination and brought in some fun, in the otherwise hectic work schedule of a Great Laker.

Two days after Sanghamitra was the much awaited event, the HR Conclave which saw almost 300 HR executives visiting our campus from various parts of the country. The preparation for HR Conclave was on from the time the new session began, and this day saw people getting ready from 4am in the morning to receive guests to until about 11pm in the night when the guests left the campus after a successful event.
Just a couple of days more and the event called Mr and Miss Dillogical was organized by the BIG FM group, needless to say all the participants were heavily geared up for the event! Big FM had organized a host of competitions for all the participants from blowing balloons, to selling items and performing a stage show, which was not only an exhilarating experience for them but for the audience as well. Mr and Miss Dillogical were selected from the all the set of participants.

Two days more and the college witnessed a sports event which was to go on for about a month with events like badminton, basketball, volleyball and football; what made it more exciting was that all the four sections were vying for the top spot which made it tremendously competitive. The ‘finals’ of the volleyball matches was the night to look out for. Despite having three assignments to complete the following day, almost half of the college was on the ground to cheer for their respective teams.

Meanwhile there was a Chinese skit which was supposed to be performed by everyone, and boy oh boy what professional skits, it was mind-blowing to say the least. The CII conference followed next, it was a two day event and our college was invited for its participation. A few students got a chance to share the space with the industry big wigs including the Minister of State for Communications and IT, Sachin Pilot.

It was the month of Ramzan, and an iftaar party was organized for the whole college with a few goodies meant for the occasion. Not to mention it drew a lot of participation from the college folks. This was followed by Eid where the students were presented with the traditional sweet meant for the festival, ‘Sewaiayan’. All these festivals reinforce the ethos and values that Great Lakes stands for where-in all the national festivals are celebrated by one and all with equal fervour and enthusiasm.

The fun session was still in progress when we had the daunting task of completing seven exams in about 50 hrs. There was hardly anyone who slept for the two nights during the exams. The hour that followed the last exam cannot be mentioned in words; it was the time when students were to get back home after a gap of more than 5 months, and everyone’s faces were cheerful and bright despite the sleepless nights and hard work which went while preparing for the exams.

Meanwhile a set of students were preparing to leave for the International study tour to Malaysia and Singapore. This tour would facilitate the students to view the world with a broader perspective and would include university visits as also the local sight-seeing, a trip not many would want to miss.
A barrage of events and activities makes this month by far the most eventful month till date!

-Syed Zoheb

About greatlaker

Great Lakes Institute of Management aims to seek, mould, polish and develop leaders with changing times. Based on its discipline based core courses it moulds the students to become "Masters of Business Readiness" by a dynamic curriculum of customer - centric electives providing synergies, enriching tradition with innovation, processes, technology and intellectual capital.
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7 Responses to September: The fun-filled jam packed month!

  1. Prometheus Ozymandias says:

    No wonder the blog was quiet for sometime.

  2. Ranjit says:

    nice one menka….do write about the individual committee work if possible

  3. Aniruddha says:

    Good One Zoheb!

  4. Zoheb says:

    Glad that you liked it. Looking back, this month was really packed with stuff….

  5. Well done Zoheb! Those were very good memoirs which you have penned. You could harness your writing skills! This was well written. I did not know this latent talent of yours!?

  6. prashanth says:

    could we get to see the videos of sanghamitra.. is it uploaded anywhere?

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