Interpol’s International Drug Expert Mr. Ramachandra Sundaralingam on ‘Drug trade & Drug addiction’

Mr. Ramachandra Sundaralingam’s lecture had an air of investigation, and was filled with rich anecdotal references interspersed with the ominous nature of future awaiting the progeny. He shared with us, the ‘global drug trafficking’ scenario; modes of mischief and notoriety that Italian, Columbian and Russian mafia are known for.

He pointed out that the fall of Berlin wall was a moment of significance, a milestone for the future generations to look back upon us and ruminate. But, he remarked ‘today, the mafia, by their contrived use of global platforms has made the episode of globalization, a terrible curse’. From his 17 years of service with the Interpol as a police officer, he observed that the fall of communism and the globalization thereof have been the most catalytic moments that throttled the drug trafficking and propelled it into new heights hitherto impossible.

Mr. Sundaralingam commented on the plight and pitiful state of some of the undeveloped nations and their exposure to drug trafficking. Quoting from his experience, he noted that ‘80% of cocaine is produced in Columbia, 80% of heroin from Afghanistan’. He added that the UN mandate aimed at reducing both the supply and demand for drugs.  The incorrigible nature of drug traffickers and addicts is such that they have, in the compulsive mood, committed horrendous crimes and misdemeanors. Speaking of Afghanistan, he remarked that ‘of two sons in a family in Afghanistan, one embraces al-Qaeda and the other opium’. He added that smitten with poverty, drained of hunger, eclipsed by grief, the people of the nation have took to producing opium.

With reference to the death of a plastic surgeon in Mexico, Mr. Sundaralingam remarked that the cap to humanity is smeared; the drug addicts and traffickers are individuals of lacerated self esteem, they have become prey to the powerful trade, they are rid of curiosity, they have become impervious to the lives of people that they have victimized. The speaker then spent some time on the methods of concealment and the training schools of drug traffickers.

In culminating the momentous lecture, he pointed to the screen with two legends-one of Sachin Tendulkar, and the other Osama Bin Laden. A 12 year old in Afghanistan, thrown into the corner of a decrepit, misogynistic, malevolent, pestilential and metamorphosed society, finds refuge in AK-47, burns a house here, and kills a man there, aspiring to become Osama Bin Laden one day. While the class awaited in silence that put a serene lake in shame, he turned around, cleared his throat and observed that a 12 year old in India, with MRF bat in his hand, whirls the timber in cramped streets of every city in the country, breaking a glass window here, a car’s window there, and dreams of becoming Sachin Tendulkar one day.

He implored us all to respect the tradition that India is host to, the culture and family values by their inherent apparatus have saved us from the capricious minds outside. But, the fashionable western trends are burning holes into the ozone protection of family values that we stake our lives against. Mr. Sundaralingam prodded us, to embrace the culture that we are, and not dilute the atmosphere that piques the curiosity of the young ones, that lets the young ones dream of becoming Sachin Tendulkar one day.

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