Mr. Satya Prabhakar, CEO of on Entrepreneurship and Business Management









On 02 September 2009, Mr. Satya Prabhakar in his passion filled lecture shared with the Patriots (class of 2010), lessons on Entrepreneurship and Business Management. His lecture was a muse, a ride through the corridors of philosophers; it was as if we were eavesdropping on the greatest thinkers of the civilization involved in a colloquial debate. The quotes that we were presented were each channels of profundity, the speaker in his calm demeanor debunked the clichés and filled life into the poetical treatise on Entrepreneurship. is the winner of “Design Lion at Cannes 2009”, “Best Indian Local Search for the year 2008”. Mr. Prabhakar shared with us the masterpiece visual advertisement- “Arjuna the Archer” that won the prestigious award at Cannes.

Mr. Prabhakar sharing his views on Entrepreneurship quoted Warren Tercy- “Civilization marches on the shoulders of Entrepreneurs”. He noted that the road to entrepreneurship is a daunting task and added “it is as if you are swimming upstream all the time, the moment you stop, you know what will happen”. In his lecture he questioned the very fundamental urge of Entrepreneurs and advised us to pursue only if we are sincerely committed to venture into the field. In a different context, he quoted a latin proverb “When there is no wind, row”, and opined that there often is no support for an entrepreneur, but himself. He added “You have no one to blame, but yourself”.

On Management, he began by quoting Jigar Maradabadi, Jalaka and other poets, writers of prose and philopshers. Referring to the challenges ahead for budding entrepreneurs on human resources front, he noted that an employer hopes that the employee should be ‘Independent minded’, ‘self motivated’, ‘having hunger for excellence’. An employee on the other hand affiliates himself with the three 4 letter words ‘work’, ‘love’, ‘hope’. He observed that an employee should be passionate, and should be pursuing multiple channels to quench his thirst for knowledge. Quoting Peter Drucker “What gets measured, gets managed”, he opined that a manager fulfills his job if he succeeds in making the employees feel uncomfortable (by forcing them into unexplored territories) and not by making them feel comfortable (by feeding them with mundane daily routines).

The lecture with overtones of quotes and air of philosophy ended with MR. Prabhakar quoting Mohammad Iqbal that says ‘train yourself to get what you want’.




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2 Responses to Mr. Satya Prabhakar, CEO of on Entrepreneurship and Business Management

  1. Logendra says:

    Would have appreciated some more content.

  2. Yes, same here! agree with Logendra. Satya is a fine speaker! Have heard quite a lot from him, while I was working with him at Sulekha a couple of years back.

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