Coming together…

There’s a lot of activity at the G1G room…or the GiG room as we call it. A small bunch of people move in and out in a clandestine fashion locking the doors behind them. As they move out, they carry huge boxes, boxes of various shapes and sizes. Students standing by the stairs, in the common area wonder what is happening at this hour. When most people are worried about tomorrow’s ‘surprise’ quiz, a small group of people feverishly move about the floors with their boxes and a grin on their faces. They gather from G1G at the room on the first floor. Lights are dimmed. The few who know what is going on gather inside and are sworn to secrecy. Was this some top-secret presentation the group was working on? No, it can’t be. What would explain the huge boxes?

It’s a little past 1 AM.A student slowly drags himself into bed. It has been a long day of classes, guest lectures and assignments. All the student looks forward to is his few hours of sleep before he has to wake up and begin work on the pre-reads for the next day’s class ( or that day’s class…it is past 1 AM). Just as he settles into his bed, and as the sandman enters the room, the student is rudely awakened by a noise that he can’t quite figure out. Nothing on campus makes this much noise at this hour. The noise seems oddly familiar. He’s heard it before. It wasn’t noise. It was something far more heavenly. As he quickly darts out of his room and hurries towards the noise, it becomes clearer by the minute. It sounds a lot like a haunting tune from the axe of Roger Glover. It’s probably someone testing out their new music system, but something odd about the combination of the tune. He runs across the floor towards the point from where he heard the familiar tune, slowly opens the door…

And there, it all made sense, the clandestine activity, the huge boxes, the cloak and dagger. It all made sense. For that night, he witnessed the birth of the first Rock Band at the new campus of Manamai. Debut song running on the brand new Ibanez guitar is that of Roger Glover’s famous “Smoke on the Water”. And from the small room, huddled together like a can of sardines, was a huge drum kit, 3 guitarists and a vocalist having what is probably the time of their lives. To any normal person, being claustrophobic in a small room with so many equipments playing tunes like ‘Born to be Wild’, ‘Rocking in the Free World’, etc at full volume is nothing but insanity. But then, all musicians are insane. And the boys in the room were no different.

That fortunate evening, one witnessed the birth of a rock band at the new campus of Great Lakes Institute of Management. This could be a legacy left by the few insane who dared to wake up the entire college at an unearthly hour, and would continue to do so in the many months to come. The band prays that numerous bands follow in their footsteps to make music a cult at the college. Hopefully, a legacy that will, like music, live on for eternity.

The band, christened ‘The Straight F’s ’ ( F signifying the F grade that can strike horror into the heart of many an MBA student) are expected to play their first of many gigs at the first edition of Sangamitra for the year 2009-2010.

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One Response to Coming together…

  1. prashanth says:

    interesting..way to go.. you guyz seem to be slowly creating a cult which is what great lakes badly needs.. the Blogging cult is awesome.. then you have started MAC club.. if you could start a stock market club and consulting club that would be the icing in the cake.. By creating a Cult, you are gonna induce morwe students to look at great lakes as It is the cult and students who define the aspirations of prospective students to a greater extent as opposed to faculty/placements or other factors.

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