Campus Dedication Ceremony by Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin


M.K.Stalin, Honourable Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Tamil Nadu
T.M. Anbarasan, Honourable Minister for Labour, Government of Tamil Nadu
K.S. Sripathi, Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu
Santosh K. Misra, District Collector, Kancheepuram District

Dr. Bala V. Balachandran, Founder and Dean of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai opened the event’s proceedings with emotion filled lines of a Tamil poem. Addressing the guests on the stage and the huge gathering of the evening, he commented on the school’s success over the years since its inception in 2005. In his short and succinct talk, he expressed his deepest conviction at presenting the school as the hub for ‘Marketing’ with emphasis on ‘research’ and ‘business-readiness’. His endeavour for ‘co-creation of value’ with society transpired into his promise of admitting 50 underprivileged students with good GRE, GMAT scores.

Mr. Santosh K Misra, District Collector, Kancheepuram District, recalled that Kancheepuram district has always been the center for education. Today, with Great Lakes in Kancheepuram, he expressed his utmost confidence that Tamil Nadu would emerge the global hub for IT, Automotive and Electronic sectors. He concluded “With this background of Government leadership, I take greatest delight in welcoming Great Lakes to begin attracting students from around the globe”.

Mr. K. S. Sripathi, Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu, looked bemused and flabbergasted that in a brief span of just 16 months, Great Lakes has built a 16 acres campus. He commented on the school’s performance at DHL competition last year, and observed that it is time for ‘Reverse Brain Drain’. He expressed his confidence that students, entrepreneurs and global leaders would begin setting up their homes in India, for India is more attractive today than what the affluent nations of the west had been for a long time now.

Mr. T.M. Anbarasan, Honourable Minister for Labour, Government of Tamil Nadu, noted that ‘Dr. Bala has a golden hand, everything he touches turns into gold’. He continued ‘It’s a great achievement for Dr. Bala and for all the Indians that the idea of Great Lakes has materialized into reality at an astonishing speed and has emerged more powerful than its competitors’.

Mr. M.K. Stalin, Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, expressed his state of disbeli2ef that he was still in Chennai, for the amphitheater, the atmosphere of the evening, the huge gathering inside the beautiful campus appeared something infinitely superior to him. He noted that Great Lakes philosophy is unique; the school delicately fuses together the learning from around the globe with the cultural edicts. Distinguished Professors from abroad come to teach here, he put the school up in the pantheon along with IIMs, IITs, NITs and BITS. He commented on the Government’s initiatives on Education, and promised to be helpful in the progress of the school.

Professor Sriram, Executive Director of Great Lakes, in his ‘vote of thanks’ commented on the astonishing momentum with which the school proceeded in the last five years. He saw the event as the culmination of the five years of conscientious and hard work. He expressed pleasure in the fact that Great Lakes has put Chennai and Tamil Nadu on the Global map of education. The event finished with Professor Sriram promising the guests, Deputy CM in particular, that the school would, under the guidance and support of the state’ rise high to break barriers and lead Tamil Nadu to the newer worlds.

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2 Responses to Campus Dedication Ceremony by Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin

  1. Samiran says:

    Thats wonderful news. The 2nd pic looks great . will be awaiting lot more.

  2. Ajit says:

    though our deputy CM woks extra ordinary, we have to praise him a lot!!

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