Am I Falling in Love?

It’s 12:13 in the night. Almost all the exams of Term 2 got over today and tomorrow no lectures! I am relaxed to the core! Music is playing in full volume in my laptop “Haule haule ho jayga pyar”….. Am I finally falling in love with the place?

I came here on 23rd April, 2009, a nervous girl with a mountain of pain of leaving her cocoon for the first time and stepping out into the outside world to live all alone 1355 Km away from home. I used to keep swapping between and the tentative time-table sent by Durga Ma’am to look for dates to go home….or run home should I say!

And today, almost 4 months into the course I am actually taking time out to write about my life here! Unbelievable….even to myself! As I took a tour into my emotional journey at Great Lakes, I opened the blog site and started taking a look at the blogs written by the senior batches about their life at Great Lakes. A wide smile adorned my face even before I knew, as I traversed through their journey. I started thinking what is it that is stirring even me, a homesick mortal like this place? Bits and pieces of events from the last 4 months started flashing in front of eyes: PKV Sir’s “Excuse me can I write with your permission…” as he boogied up and down the aisle of the huge swanky classroom trying with all enthusiasm to explain the “Annova” technique to us. Be it Dr. Mankad’s elegant narration of application of micro-economics in real-life or Dr. Paul Prabhakar’s excellent illustration of “multi-part pricing”! And many more such awe-striking lectures from experiences all over the world.

I remembered the first day we discovered a blue house across the field from our campus selling omlette and Maggi! We were thrilled! We actually went into the kitchen and cooked…. And then sat on the floor of their drawing room and had the most sumptuous feast in a long time. The other day I went for a walk around the campus and discovered the beautiful path flanked by thin forest on one side and green paddy field on the other. A walk along that road proved to breathe fresh life into my otherwise neck-deep work schedule. Have I started liking the food in the Sodexho cafeteria these days? Not really but that gives me a chance to vent out my anger over a hot cup of tea and bond with my friends as we collectively batter the bad menu selection by the Sodexho staff or the half-cooked chapatti, after all what works better as a connecting medium than collective accuse of something else (something taught in Group Processes class…Wow I can relate to real-life situations!!).

Two days back the Bajaj brothers along with the ex and the current dean of Northwestern University came to inaugurate the second phase of our campus at the invitation of Uncle Bala, it was a great moment for all Great Lakers as I proudly uploaded the pics of the event in Orkut and updated the status message “Met the Bajaj’s today…. At our very own campus” for all friends and acquaintances to take notice. And this cute little air-conditioned room….all to me giving me a chance to relax and reflect upon the journey so far and giving me yet another chance to feel proud to be a Great Laker. Yes “haule haule” slowly I am falling in love…. With Great Lakes!

By Srija Majumdar

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14 Responses to Am I Falling in Love?

  1. homer says:

    Wow.. that was lovely!
    Very beautiful..

  2. Nice post Srija!

    Brings back memories of our maggi days in Campus(saidapet)


    Kartik Kannan
    Class of 08

  3. Anirban says:

    very well articulated thoughts and truely reflects the mind state of students like us…..

  4. Anirban says:

    lovely…at last i guess u are enjoying it…there is sumthng special eveywhere….

  5. Harshie says:

    Very nice to hear that you have started falling in love with the place. Its important to synergize with the place where you stay lest the best can never come out of you.

    My best wishes for your stay here for next 87 months 🙂

  6. Samiran says:

    That’a exactly what is the mystery of Great Lakes is. No matter how things are ,everyone falls for it one day in his/her course of study. And mind you, its true everlasting love. Let the enigma continue. Let the cult become unfathomably collosal.

  7. Srija says:

    @All: thanks a lot
    @Samiran: i hope the love lasts forever

  8. Siladitya says:

    Nice Srija!!
    Never knew u could write so well…or even that is happening haule haule?

  9. Prashant says:

    A vey nice read indeed!!

  10. A Passing Cloud! says:

    Really…impressive job!

    It makes every one nostalgic. Keep sharing!

  11. Praveen says:

    Nice post 🙂

  12. Karishma says:

    A very nice blog Srija!! Reading your blog I also starting seeing the beauty of Great Laker’s life through your eyes!!!

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