Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research inks MOU on Energy Management with Great Lakes

Dignitaries: Dr. Baldev Raj, Dr. Sai Baba and Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Dr. Baldev Raj, Director, IGCAR and Dr. Bala V. Balachandran, Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management signed a MOU today pledging co-operation in the study of Energy Management

Energy scenario

In his characteristic and insightful speech Padma Shri Dr. Baldev talked about the importance of energy and the pivotal role it plays in nation building. “Coal is still the king, but we need science & technology to find out newer ways to make country energy secure”. He sympathized and said “Common person is concerned about availability of energy”. In another 25 years energy industry will become a trillion dollar industry. According to him, this is an apt time for the younger generation to take initiative and develop multi parameter thinking. India is known for frugal engineering and it should be put to use in the energy sector.

Dr. Baldev also felt that there is an urgent need for a think tank on energy. Though India is a global leader in Fast Breeder Reactors, the country needs to come up with long term strategies to harness the renewable sources of energies like the Solar, Wind and Tidal energies. He emphasized that Science and Technology alone cannot accomplish this herculean task – razor sharp management minds and in-depth Financial Risk Management of such large scale projects are required to successfully execute them.


The association of Great Lakes with Department of Atomic Energy goes a long way. Dr. Baldev Raj also taught as a visiting faculty at Great Lakes. The MOU will develop the idea based collaboration at Great Lakes with the energy management insight of IGCAR. Great Lakes, in collaboration with Baur College of Business, University of Houston, is in advanced stages of finalizing an Executive Programme on Energy Management.

Great Lakes has also partnered with IGCAR to make a difference to the neighboring areas of Kalpakkam, situated at around 65 Km from Chennai. Karma Yoga, an initiative where all the 260 students of Great Lakes visit assigned villages and work for the upliftment in terms of health care, sanitation, communication, micro finance among others.


IGCAR was established in the year 1971, under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. The centre is engaged in broad based multidisciplinary programme of scientific research and advanced engineering directed towards the development of Fast Breeder Reactor technology.

Fast Breeder Test Reactor based on unique mixed Plutonium Uranium Carbide fuel, First of its kind in the world and KAMINI Reactor, the only operating Reactor in the World using U233 fuel are successfully operated.

The design of 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor is completed and the construction is in progress.


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