Inauguration of Bajaj Piazza, Bajaj Bistro and India Cements Amphitheatre at Great Lakes


Invitees: Dr. Donald P. Jacobs, Dean Emeritus of Kellogg, Dr. Dipak Jain, Dean of Kellogg, Shri Madhur Bajaj, Shri Rahul Bajaj from Bajaj and Mr. A. Mahendran, chairman of Godrej Sara lee.

On 14th August, Dignitaries flew from around the globe to inaugurate the new facilities-Bajaj Bistro, Bajaj Piazza and India Cements Amphitheatre at Great Lakes Institute of Management.

The Event began with Dr Bala V. Balachandran, in his characteristic delight, welcoming all the guests. His charm and inspiration was an incentive enough for all the patriots (class of 2010) to bellow, applaud and exude love and affection to the founder.  

Shri Rahul Bajaj in his passion filled effusive praise of the nation, explored setbacks in the present scheme of things. He was vociferous in weighing upon us the fact that India is currently going through a phase of transition in all the domains of interest. His speech ranged from per capita income, government policies, and the industrial revolution to the political apparatus that systematically gains mileage out of the inept policies in place.

Shri Madhur Bajaj theorized that the industry is in need of ‘Business ready managers’ Both the Bajajs’ prime contention being that India is in need of entrepreneurs and leaders with the ability to transform and carry the nation into states of progression.

Dean Emeritus of Kellogg, Dr. Donald P. Jacobs, an impeccably dressed man in his elegant praise of Uncle Bala appealed to the Patriots, the importance of MBA and the roles and responsibilities that students have to play as they pass out.

Dean of Kellogg, Dr. Deepak Jain, presented valuable lessons with overtones of humor. Patriots (class of 2010) were all smiles as he delivered his speech on anecdotal references to the coincidence of September 11 attacks on his first day as Dean at Kellogg and introduction to students in a non-traditional format.

The event ended with Mr A. Mahendran addressing the patriots with an ease, composure and clarity that he is known for. Professor Xavier felicitated the guests and delivered the vote of thanks.

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