Away from the Mundane..


Today after the flag hoisting in Greatlakes, I was just sitting on a rock looking at our beloved Uncle Bala speaking with a few students. Just a few minutes ago he told us the story of a 4 year kid blessed to be sitting on the lap of the Father of our Nation, Mahatma. Gandhi asked him “son what will you do for our country?”, and this small kid with all his innocence replied -“I will give my life for India”. Listening to such powerful words from a small kid, Gandhi’s eyes filled with tears. You know, that kid was none other than our Uncle Bala.

 Then my mind took me back to the inauguration event yesterday. It was such a pleasure to listen to prestigious industrialists like Mr. Rahul Bajaj Chairman of Bajaj Auto, Mr. Madhur Bajaj, VP of Bajaj Auto as well as academicians like  Dr. Donald P Jacobs, (Dean Emeritus, Kellogg School of Management) and Mr. Dipak Jain, Dean Kellogg School of Management. All of them are eminent speakers and shared their life experiences with us. Each had a different flavor to add to the event. They had experiences which I am sure each one of us aspires to have in our life journey.

 Mr Rahul Bajaj spoke about the importance and need of entrepreneurship to build our nation, to create employment for people who will need it in coming years.  He is someone who spoke straight from his heart. The passion he has for India is unmatchable. He inspired us to think big and make our nation independent in true sense, a nation free from poverty, unemployment, corruption. He truly said that if someone is taking money then one of us is offering that money. He emphasized that “Moral anchor is something which makes a person successful in true sense”

I came back, looking at Uncle Bala and thinking that once this man said he will give his life for his country and he really is doing great work for the nation. He built this institute single handedly as we call it a ONE MAN SHOW here. Despite the fact that he is living in US, he opened the institute in Chennai because of his love for his homeland. He created an opportunity for us to learn in an institute which is definitely going to be the top 5 in the coming years. He believes in delivering the best and he does it at all times which is very much visible whether it is the quality of education or a 14-acre platinum rated green campus in the outskirts of Chennai.

 I feel blessed to be part of a great institution like Great Lakes where one learns not just management but also the importance of emotions, which gives one an opportunity to think big and aspire for great things in future.

 Jai hind!! J

Kanwaljit Bathh


About greatlaker

Great Lakes Institute of Management aims to seek, mould, polish and develop leaders with changing times. Based on its discipline based core courses it moulds the students to become "Masters of Business Readiness" by a dynamic curriculum of customer - centric electives providing synergies, enriching tradition with innovation, processes, technology and intellectual capital.
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2 Responses to Away from the Mundane..

  1. subhasis says:

    it shows your love for india and greatlakes…and about the balance between the emotion and management.

  2. Sam V says:

    A gesture of Saluting our independence… but why only half of the lot?

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