Guilty Pleasures!

IMG_8751In this busy schedule of my MBA life, I have had quite a few guilt trips.  Also I have found many frequent fliers in the vicinity. Let me “analyze, criticize and explain” (copyright prof. PKV, faculty for statistical and quantitative analysis) top five on my list. First one, the Guilt of killing time, well “crying over spilt milk” comes naturally to many but surely to the B-school masses at the drop of the hat. We have long days and extended weeks and no weekends, but still if you over do the enjoying part while your peers are working hard on the extra assignments or no quiz days. I bet you are bound to have panic attacks. That extra movie, that hour on phone or chat and especially that loafing around the campus aimlessly does bring in the kick for the moment but you are booked for the trip when you get back to a hostel full of nerds.

Second sin which gets you to remorse is classroom hours, after doing simple math I understood each day of this B school that cost each one of us twenty grand. Now if in case you sleep through one of the two long lingering classes for the day; you end up cribbing about the lost eight plus thousand INR. Now that is a lot of money when you know you are going to pay for all that with interest pretty soon. Now comes the greasy sin; sin of carrying all that extra weight. With the increasing pressure, shrinking time and self multiplying list of excuses most of us are not able to squeeze out time to work out; but our calorie intake increases in direct proportion to the stress levels. Well our brains quickly recall the small columns in some magazine or a daily saying “chocolates gives an endorphin rush” or “ if sleepy take high amount of sugar compounds to work beyond your working hours”.

So we frequently visit the college store that is stocked up with wide range of  chocolates, candies, wafers and latest addition to the product line being  bounty and snickers; how can you resist indulging. Anyways after two bars, when you are still sleepy suddenly the back of the wrapper flashes in your head with the sinful count and you are strapped in for the trip. The sins fighting for the second last place are not calling home for weeks and forgetting to wish your near and dear ones on birthdays and other important days. Well the problem is this one you call your loved ones and talk for more than five minutes you go back to point one “Guilty is charged for wasting time!” – Vicious circle and a sticky one.

 I can definitely prove the top four with empirical data taken from a sizeable sample size; but the last one that I am clearly not sure of is “Social Loafing”.

So how many of us feel guilty about that one huh ;)?

P.S : To look up “Social Loafing” please refer the reading material for Group Processes  provided in term one.



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One Response to Guilty Pleasures!

  1. sidharth says:

    Brilliantly written post.quintessential b school encompasses all that conjures up a b school and you’ve written it so succintly..damn neat job 🙂
    The sin that reminds me the most of my b school tryst @iim i, is the third sin, sin of carrying that extra weight. Our batch on an average gained 10kg after the second semester, thought slowdown forced us to cut that extra flab, as with the case with most of the recession hit companies. 🙂

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