MAC and the painter Dr. Paul R. Prabhaker

paul1The earsplitting sound preceded by the apocalyptic avalanche of thunder and lightning in the sky knocked the inept conscience off the mind’s floor. The dark, serene and calm sky of yesterday was now being violently abused by the impeccable straightness of the lightning. As if exposing the naked night sky wasn’t enough, the horizon was now lit, just for a fleeting second every time the painter behind the canvas drew one thin straight white line. He drew it from the top, sometimes the single line broke into multiple lines as it approached the floor, but the lines remained absolutely straight.

 The mysterious painter behind the canvas must have been adjusting his posture every now and then, for the lines he drew met the floor at random locations and at random intervals, quite a neurotic painter he must have been! With every single flip of the magic wand the painter was holding, the frame of horizon where the green fields met the pitch black sky on the floor of our mind became increasingly clear. The naked horizon of yesterday was now apprehended forever, as the roof of the mind collapsed on it shutting it inside. Thanks to the painter.

 The MAC (Marketing Acumen Club) at Great Lakes is aiming to lit up the darkest corners of the field ‘Marketing’. Dr. Paul Prabhaker with his truly seminal quality of teaching that aims at fusing the dormant academics and incredibly dynamic business environment has agreed to paint the canvas for us. Few teachers have ever seen the horizon, let alone outrun it as it mockingly defies your potential. Sitting behind the horizon of knowledge, he has agreed to indicate the frontiers of the horizon, lit the canvas with a rectitude that resembles lightning and lead us towards the horizon.

 Dr. Paul Prabhaker’s inclusion into the club has spread undulations of inspiration, and we all stayed afloat over the ripples as they crossed us, just as a cork in a pond does. He will be preparing us for:

  • Ability to discern the business happenings in the fields of Marketing
  • Bring clarity of thought into fields of marketing, distinguish between the fashionable and the cerebral fields
  • Put the learning from the 1 year course into a perspective
  • Readings that would draw us closer to realizing our dreams
  • Future of the fields of study and the structural shifts in organizing the fields.

 Dr. Prabhaker suggested that we schedule conference calls with him once in every month; he also expressed a wish that the club should exercise their knowledge in ‘marketing’ by applying the principles. He promised us that his feedback on the functioning of the club would be clear, concise, blunt and to the point. To begin with, we promised to deliver on a three pointer every month.

 He was vociferous in his appreciation of our enthusiasm. But, he warned us that the pressure of assignments in the months to come might deter our exuberance. So, he advised us that we should plan for smaller steps, then longer and finally the leap. He advocated leaving a legacy behind us for the subsequent batches to carry the culture of the club forward.

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2 Responses to MAC and the painter Dr. Paul R. Prabhaker

  1. Manjit says:

    Thanks for the post Kranthi,

    With the guidance from Prof Paul,we will work more aggressively now.

    Warm Regards,


  2. Mohit Sewak says:

    well written kranthi!
    keep it up…..

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