Dr. Paul R. Prabhaker from Ilinois illuminates!

Dr. Paul R. Prabhaker from Illinois University delivered one of the most insightful lectures on ‘Marketing’ today.  Great Lakes aspiring to become the hub of Marketing B-schools in India and abroad has once again broke the normative discipline of ‘academics’ and ventured into the concrete realities of the dynamic business situations that exist outside the classroom.

Great Lakes is known for churning out ‘Business ready managers’, and today’s lecture was testimony to the fact that the college is unique in this respect. Dr. Prabhaker in his brilliantly paced tirade on the existing myths of ‘Marketing’, explored the fundamental desires of the businesses. He began by questioning the very reason why businesses are in business. He presented before us a judicial aphorism- that businesses are profit makers. And, in the multitudinous market situation, with the novel instinct to make money, businesses venture into business- to grow beyond the market rate of return.

 Dr. Prabhaker was imploring us to integrate the strategies as ‘business ready managers’. He calmly dragged us into the whirlpool of business, dipped us all wet in it, and left us there stranded to realize the intensity of the statement.

 He was very rational in approaching the inquisitive patriots, he defended the core fundamentals that he beautifully pulled apart into the different fields of management, but left us in the whirlpool of management to feel the gravity of the situation for a while, before finally revealing to us the final piece-customer- that completed the puzzle.

 His pictorial representation of the ‘Value chain analysis’ epitomized the inherent workings of the visionary companies. He invited us –at the behest of our own devices- to pull apart any business today and present the components with their value addition to the chain.

As the voice that echoes between two hills, as the river that spreads through the valley, the lecturer’s voice lessened the burden of our studies and we all jumped afloat into the thin air filled with the scent of his inspiration; and we swam across the stream of his voices.

As the snow that settles at the tip of a mountain, we climbed to the hill tops of inspiration to never return back.

As it stops raining and the rain drops settle upon the leaves of a tall tree, the inspiration settled on the roof of our minds; and as the rain drips down the drooping stalk of grass, so we did, bend in obeisance with the weight of inspiration and benumbing curiosity.

 His singularly unique methodology has been embraced by one and every patriot aspiring for the marketing role in today’s business. Not only did he bring clarity in the fundamentals, but also invited us to feel the business pressure. Quite a unique way of teaching he brings to the table.

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3 Responses to Dr. Paul R. Prabhaker from Ilinois illuminates!

  1. Manjit says:

    Its the best lecture i ever attended,

    I hope we could have him for our future courses.


  2. Murugan S says:

    Well put Kranthi!! I also thought his rather unconventional schematic representation of ROI (using his double line vs single line model) and negative working capital (using his 2 moving circles model) to be simply amazing. Guess his models will stay with us for longer than anything that we might read on these concepts!

  3. com-patriot says:

    Sounds like Jane Austen’s — A melancholy evening with Marketing

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