Future of social media

Photon InfotechMr. Mukund Balasubramanian CTO, Photon Infotech and Sachin Bhagwata Director Presales, Photon Infotech visited Great Lakes on 18th July. The guest lecture covered social media, which Mr. Subramanian supposed is the pivot that marketing is currently hinged on. He contented strongly that social media has reached its tipping point and is already showing signs of dominance in the field of marketing. Through the illustrative presentation of the company’s credentials, he presented to the class, the microcosm of the domain that was once in its niche (infancy), but is now all pervasive. 

The lecture swathed across the whole arena of social media and the frontiers that Photon Infotech has ventured into. Social media with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is a powerful tool for many organizations, so much so that some of the organizations are squeezing more mileage from the net than from the traditional media. Mr. Balasubramanian is confident that the ‘paradigm shift’ in marketing is occurring right now, most of the organizations today are experiencing an uncertain demand largely because social media has increased the dynamic quotient of marketing. 

Later Mr. Balasubramanian responded to questions from some of the patriots, shared his experiences from Stanford University, entrepreneurial pitfalls and how to avoid them. He took us all on the journey right from Photon Infotech’s inception through the tough times of ‘dot com bubble’ to the current period. The lecture was concluded with a token of appreciation from Great Lakes. 

About Photon Infotech

URL:    http://www.photoninfotech.com/

Photon is a Next Generation Internet Consulting Firm specializing in cutting edge business solutions utilizing Web 2.0, SOA, Open Source and Mobile application development.

With more than 600+ customers and thousands of IT projects in mobile, open source, web 2.0, and SOA under our belt, Photon enables large and SME companies alike to leverage our one-of-a kind workforce of elite IT experts to create revenue generating business solutions.

Photon is headquartered in the IT corridor of Chennai, India with offices in Bangalore, Santa Clara, Austin and Boston.




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  1. Sriharsha says:

    Great to have Mukund at Great Lakes.

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