Mr. A. Mahendran, MD Godrej Sara Lee at Great Lakes

Who created GoodKnight brand right from scratch? Yes its Mr. A. Mahendran Managing Director, Godrej Sara Lee Ltd and deputy chairman, Great Lakes.Mahendran @ Great lakes

 Mr. A. Mahendran visited Great Lakes on 11th July. His visit preceded the distribution of ‘Goodnight-low smoke mosquito coil’ to the students. An open invitation, Mr. Mahendran threw to the Patriots (Batch 2009-10) to decipher the consumer’s behavior towards the new product. To further the challenge, he welcomed aboard the patriots (with valuable feedbacks) to Godrej in Mumbai.

 Mr. Mahendran addressed Patriots on

  • Entrepreneurship: He spoke to the class of 260 seated in the main hall of Great Lakes campus (one that strikes every guest lecture with grandeur from inside and humility from outside), and took them on a roller coaster ride of ‘Good night’ that he founded back in the eighties. His paused briefly on anecdotes that he thought were truly consequential in the brand’s success. The speech was also inclusive of the fundamental shifts in Indian consumer base and the ever changing landscape of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Strategy and leadership: Mr. Mahendran is closely associated with the institute, and he was at ease in sharing some of the strategic moves that ‘good night’ has seen under his leadership. He also explained the significance of ‘emotional quotient’ in the employees both in times of distress and in times of elated jubilation. His insightful clamor for leadership, which he believed the country is in need for, was the moment of transparent display of insatiable hunger. The hunger for excellence, hunger to sustain and the hunger to improvise.

 Incidentally, Great Lakes under the leadership of Dr Bala Balachandran shares the same philosophy- the indomitable spirit and the illimitable quench on the inside, presented with humbleness and great humility to the world at large.

 Towards the end, Mr. Mahendran, in his characteristic calm and friendly demeanor, listened to all the feedbacks voiced out by the class. He was so impressed that he welcomed a whole lot (where hitherto the number was three) of us to visit Godrej in Mumbai.

 About Godrej Sara Lee Ltd


GSLL is into the research and manufacture of quality household insecticides, and holds a substantial market share in the domestic market, with some of the most popular brands like GoodKnight, Jet, Hit and Banish, which have become generic with mosquito repellants today.


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4 Responses to Mr. A. Mahendran, MD Godrej Sara Lee at Great Lakes

  1. mukesh katare says:

    To the
    Godrej Saralee

    sir this is regarding damage claim which was approved by you on dated 10/9/2008 and approvel leter recived on 15/12/08. falloing this we dispatch dammage goods 103 carton on 2/1/2009 from appurow roadline chhatarpur to indore c&fa hindustan Traders . we have confermed this from cfa that goods is recived on 4/1/2009. we are verry sorry that this matter will not shortout by the company. we are given khowledge to every person releated this matter but no responce given by anyboddy. please do the need full to us. godrej is a reputeted company and we cannot acept he can do such this that 1year claim still pending
    mukesh agencies

    • Be Indian says:

      Dear mahesh /agency,
      The matters are many more pending in the courts of law, legal, civil, criminals,
      Judiciary is very slow, wont be able to give any verdict before deaths, like bhopal, gas MIC leak,?
      The corporates are giants, can effords to buy any courts, if can not buy will make slow movements, the justice just buried as in the case of Bhopal, where in 25,000 more odd peoples dies, but govt is vapable to make another GOM submitt, this is called indian judicairy system where in a Supre court judge is capable to lower the section / convert it in to thin parting line of judiary?
      Hei kaho na mera bharat mahaan ????

  2. Hilton Indian says:

    Mahesh /agency,
    Saralee under godrej co. have not hv not learned to replace/ refunds.?
    nothing new?

  3. Hilton Indian says:

    Even legal remedy available to gen public is feable and weak?

    Pray god if you can find some wherein India, or on earth?

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