Gym Carrey, Catharsis and Light house.

Great Lakes' Light houseGym Carrey






 He is majoring in Finance, class 2010-batch ‘patriots’, and is one of the most friendly gym partner for the whole fitness frenzy population of our batch. His auto-biography is incidentally in lines to Great Lakes.

 He wakes up early, jogs for a good hour or more in the fields surrounding our college. Drenched in sweat he returns, dutifully standing before the entrance of the canteen, dusts the dry shrubs- that endearingly attach themselves to him- off his trousers, grabs an inviting slice of bread, and munches on it heavily with a delight comparable to few.

 “His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever had”- Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club.

‘Great Lakes’ has the unique ability to drag all the students into the whirlpool of activity. Just as in a boiling pot, every now and then, trapped air surfaces, bubbles out and escapes into the atmosphere, so do we, trapped as we are in the boiling pot of the one year course, bubble out form the clutches of college, escape and run madly into the fields.

Dehydrated and lost in the wilderness, panting heavily, lacking energy, as we look around in an attempt to trace back our steps to the institute, some throw themselves into frenzy; some are hysterical. The inexplicable act of cathartic running is now behind us, but the pressing need to find home is unnerving, for we are virtually hopeless, look around and the fields extend forever in space and time.

Then, we see it; the tip of the structure that stands tall in the middle of the amphitheater beckons us just as the lighthouse does the ships, and we all head back to our home. An air of expectancy surrounds us as we approach the campus, a feeling of relief and freshness, for the emotional outpour. A feeling of comfort, for the Great Lakes lighthouse reflects each and every one of us over its metal sheaths as if we all are hidden inside the structure. The lighthouse is symbolic of the monolithic entity that the family of Great Lakes is. The lighthouse beholds us all in it; a passerby finds his self esteem multiplied in proportion to the structure’s length and sustains it even after he exits the amphitheater.

For all the Great lakers, it’s the mutual adoration and admiration that stands tall (as the great lakes lighthouse does), reflects our fatigued senses and ruptured conscience after a tiring exercise (an assignment, presentation…), and beckons us all together to form a unified singular force that we are. And together, with the aid of reflections (as from the great lakes lighthouse), our senses are amplified and conscience restored.

The catharsis can take many forms, running madly into the fields is preferred by some, while ‘working out’ in the gym is preferred by others. Those who ‘work out’ in the gym exude positive energy, enticing everyone else into ‘working out’.

The man in the snap is lovingly referred to as ‘gym carrey’ for his helpful hand in the gym and humorous onslaught of ‘health and fitness’ tips outside the gym. For him, a true leader should be both physically and mentally capable. For him, a true leader ought to be charismatic with an exuberant physical preponderance. And, he is.


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  2. patriot_2010 says:

    U missed out ayush builder’s pic here 🙂

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