Manufacturing Time

Main Lecture hallI always think of our existence in this world and during those times I think of the time (amount) that we live on Earth. At times I feel we are living too much time (100yr!!!) and at times I feel we are living too little time (Just 100 yrs). When any of these thoughts strike my mind at any time, what I first think of is the productive time that we spare in our lives. Then one absurd thought will prattle my mind saying, “Why don’t you create time … why don’t you do it … why don’t you try it “. When I get this into my mind what I do is what I guess, you are doing right now… I laugh at myself with exclamation. However I don’t want to be like Charles Darwin, Edison who created and published their hypothesis. Because I know that this is just a fictitious opinion, however I feel like crying “Eureka … Eureka”, like Archimedes when I find I really can create or manufacture time for me.

This has always been there at the back of my mind, which eventually I started practicing and got to know that it really works. The first thing that came to my mind is the adage that we hear from our parents since our childhood, “one penny saved is one penny earned”. I do not know whether this fits for a penny or not, but surely fits for time, “One second saved is one second created”. This is absolutely true and this makes me live a second life truly, realizing the importance of time in our life and what “wasting time” truly means. Also it conveys what do we miss by wasting time in this life time, that too when we are young. Being rational I always think, there is a reason for our existence and we need to fulfill that. I feel the most productive years of a person is between the ages of 20 and 40 and if we are wasting that time, it means we are really wasting our chance in this lifetime. The next thing that troubled me is how to save time… if it is money we can save it in a bank, but where can we save time? My manager gave me the link to this process which he is practicing and making us practice now a days i.e. we can save our time by building our knowledge base. By building it, we need to spend only a little time on things which we really struggle for longtime in normal process, so that we can minimize the time spent on things in general and save time. Earlier I used to do this by learning what is difficult and kill my time in most of the cases, however I do not know what difference and how much difference it makes. Now I know what it means and what I am earning from that. Also the difference is when I learn it I don’t document it but I use only for the purpose and leave it, but now by documenting it I can find the relevance in many of the other cases. Of course this needs lot of management in our day to day life like Prioritizing things, taking quick decisions , thinking less and acting more , stop worrying and start doing things and accepting things as they are and most importantly positive attitude.

I found few things which must be practiced. First one is not doing things which actually have negative effect on you (In my case I stopped watching horror movies, psycho movies, arguing unnecessarily, discussions with evil minded people), Second is not doing things which have no effect on you (I found watching Useless movies, sitting before TV and changing channels, browsing through net without any destination are few of them, chatting without any point). Third is self motivation or inspiration by completing what really you want. (By doing one thing, by pleasing yourself that you can do it (just not telling yourself that I can easily do it, but actually doing it)). Others I don’t need to tell you, I have lot more lists to go for me, as I may be one of the best people in wasting time. One thing is certain; try to stay with people where you will be really appreciated for your good and criticized for your bad. And my friend Sunil says “There is only one thing which is constant in this world and that is change”. We always need to be in sync with the nature otherwise we will think more than required. When nature is doing its duty by changing continually, if we are reluctant to change, what should not happen may happen. So my philosophy is “There is no wrong time to do a right thing”. By doing right things at right time we can become what we want and we don’t need to blame or curse someone else for your mistakes.

I see very few places where each minute as precious as that of a 100m race, one such place is Great Lakes. Great Lakes is a place where each minute is so valuable, one cannot afford to make an effort to waste it. One always wonders what if a day is more than 24 hours! If you are able to value that time and look in different frame of reference where it can be manifold, I think the job is done. If “Time Value of Money” is the core of corporate finance, “Money Value of Time” is the trade off between earning and enjoyment which our beloved Professor of Financial Management Dr.Narendar Rao puts it, Then I feel “Time Value of Time” is the core of every individual life.`


Gurava Reddy Maruri

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  1. Mahaboob Khan says:

    Hey.. nice one Gurava…a good read for knowing the time value..

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