Eerie stillness!

Unfamiliar silence in the campus, just as wave after wave hits the shore and suddenly there is eerie stillness in the sea, just for the moment, before it all begins again. The hall rooms are empty with vacuous resonance; the corridors in the hostel blocks barren and exhausted, the canteen pungent, the huge library calm like a pond on a still winter morning, so serene and beautiful that a small disturbance would spread across the still surface of the pond undulating, frolicking and exuding the fresh beauty of the morning in every ebb and tide.

 The walls on the perimeter stand wasted, the massive structure in the middle of the amphitheater mockingly pursued its vigilance, the water cans laid near the dispenser defiant in purposelessness. The trees swayed, the hush-hush silence of the night apprehended the campus in its fist. Somewhere outside the campus, dogs prancing and dancing, somewhere lying deep in the night a swallow dipped its wings in water, somewhere a horse took to trot, but here inside the campus, everything is at a standstill. The atavistic nature of the term-1 holidays dragged the life out of every sharp feature of the buildings’ architecture; the whole campus now looks sloppy, boring and uneventful.

The landscape from the balcony of the second floor no longer looks beautiful, the night that stealthily approached the campus stealing away a hilltop there and a field here no longer appealed to the artists in the campus. It was all over, night settled inside the campus, reigned in it, relished in the mourning dejection of the life-ridden people in it.  

The clink-clank sound of the plates from the canteen withered away, the head banging thrash metal music coexisted with the night stultifying the remains of the life that the campus once exuded. The guards were disheveled, their demeanor that of soldiers in the battle field retreating away from the enemy lines without even firing their guns once.  

The books in the library sloped against one another indicative of their profligacy, an expectant air of authority in them, that there was none left in the campus to borrow them, to read them. So, they all relished in the fantasy, taking repose in the comfort of the knowledge, they all slantingly staked against each other, dozed off.

The arrogant sun that walked us all form the hostel blocks to the classrooms now abandoned us, hidden behind the curtains of pale blue clouds, he refused to shine on us. The wind that swished past the paddy fields outside the campus gently caressing the tips and brought the wet air into the campus now shied away. The landscape now looked ominous, where once it all looked picturesque. The woman outside the campus with heap of clothes delicately rested on her waist held with one hand and the other one let loose plucking at tall grown shrubs- as she walked past the campus now appeared oblivious to the campus. Her mincing steps now indicated weight of the heap on her waist. She no longer looked beautiful.

The term end holidays have been the most discouraging times so far in the campus.  Thankfully, we are all here now, the holidays are past us, the emptiness is behind us.

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3 Responses to Eerie stillness!

  1. hitesh says:

    Wonderfully written .

  2. Prashanth says:

    my my my.. beatiful use of the Language…very cohesive….

  3. Sivakumar T says:

    Too good… I could feel it.

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