The thing about an MBA.

The moment I type “Slumdog Millionaire” on one pristine blank document unearthed from the unending repository of Microsoft Works , a corrugated , wavy line appears beneath Slumdog. Spell check error. Right click -> ignore all; only to see all the Slumdogs in the document breathing a sigh of utter relief on being wafted ashore. No. I really do not mean that those red corrugated underlines reminded me of a lake full of parasites. What I try pointing is that land and water are but the only two things left on Earth and being on one of them is but stark inevitable.

2009 is turning out to be the most happening of years that top B Schools are facing . The economy (or rather the lack of it ) on one hand and the campus placements across schools on the other hand. It has already taken a shape of a war.

How long will the time last , we don’t know , but what we do know is that the world is never going to look the same again. Here’s why :

One. An MBA will no more be treated as a short -term -end -realization -shot -in –the- arm. Only those who want to get educated in the field of management science would plunge into it. Value addition is guaranteed and a return in the long term would be assured.

Two. MBA will stop being a buzzword for most wannabe hip-hops who are so often seen munching burgers and slurping gelatos in the thousand malls carelessly strewn across the city landscape in mainland India. It would make sense only to the select little who has got grey cells running extra time and really want to do something worthwhile with their lives.

Three. Fields like Research and Development, Engineering Innovation, Traditional Sciences, Literature, Arts and Defense would suddenly start making sense to a good number of people in ‘India’, whose heart lied in the same but ran a risk of getting dislodged by the mega tornado called MBA.

Four , Only those who have it in them to make a ‘business’ leader will take up the MBA. The ones who see themselves turning into a Kalpana Chawla, Stephen Hawkins or George Clooney will continue doing what it takes to reach there. That’s because all professions will gain a recognition equity .Performance in any field is what is going to be the decider. Be it Design, Arts , Rocket science or yes, Management .

In short, we welcome the new world order. For the time being , am playing the role of an overgrown optimist of guessing that we will reach a day when 10% of all  2009-MBAs globally, will have two job offers and the rest – three. Keeping the fingers crossed in the shape of a “+”.

[Disclaimer: The post is in no way an attempt to influence any decisions or perceptions. It’s just an output of a well working laptop and a few fingers left alone which had no other use for an hour between two back to back marketing lectures. ]

– Suryya Sarkar

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4 Responses to The thing about an MBA.

  1. placement says:

    How many % of people r placed in great lakes ?
    even IIT cant place students now a days

  2. Ranjit Shankar says:

    We will provide all the details towards the end of the course…..for now, we are trying our best to invite more companies….

  3. Nikita says:

    well written….very optimistic view…loved the idea that all other fields liek art, sciences, research will again be considered something…n people will somehow strat doing things where they actually belong to…
    but talkin the risk of being called a novice and getting questioned on my knowledge, i was just wondering do these conclusions really can be drawn this early… how about B – school trying there best to woo students…..and so thousands of aspiring candidates….

    n do u think that we really knw where we want to go…where we are good at considering the education system we follw in our country…???

  4. suryya says:

    The best B-Schools are a responsible lot and would like to see a just and talented society where all aspects of education flourish , be it arts, music , sports or rocket science. They also are responsible for churning out the best business brains . But at the same time not delude those who can be billionaire singers or scientists.
    I agree that everyone knows where they want to go. However the question remains : Is the ‘want’ backed by the required potential and raw talent? Some introspection might help…
    Yes, maybe its a little bit early for my conclusion to come into effect. Unlike the west,Japan and Australia, ours is such a country where an undue weightage is still given to traditional academics. So a lot of work on the basics need to be done.
    Once again: As far as wooing candidates is concerned , I guess the smartest do not give a damn to any carrot . They know best where to go. So most potential Business tycoons will anyway end up doing an MBA .

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