Great Lakers make a clean sweep @ DHL Simulation contest in Germany

Students from Great Lakes won all the prizes on offer at the DHL Fast Forward business simulation contest in Germany. The objective of the business simulation contest was to make a virtual logistics company the world leader by means of forward-looking management decisions, and to secure world quality leadership. The contest was launched in April 2008 under the patronage of German Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The event had over 8500 participants from 120 countries.

Starting from an initial pool of over 8,500 participants, 46 participants from 12 countries made it to the final round, where they competed in 10 international teams. 5 of these 10 teams had a Great Lakes student as a member. Prasanna Joshi, Oza Rutvij Siddharth, Rohit Menon, Parth S Bhimani and Adarsh Nand Bahadur flew to Germany to take part in the final round that consisted of two highly realistic cases studies, and were judged by a jury of highly placed experts. The teams competed live for two days at the Post Tower in Bonn, Germany. At the end of the grueling contest , Prasanna Joshi’s team – that consisted of a German, a Turk , an American and an IIFT student- bagged the top prize worth 25,000 Euros.

While all of the finalists demonstrated a very high skill level, the strategic approach, creative ideas and very professional presentation delivered by Team ARBOCADON(the winning team) made a particularly favorable impression on us

noted Walter Scheurle, Board Member for Personnel at Deutsche Post World Net.


Team ARBOCADON(the winning team)

Team ARBOCADON(the winning team)



Rutvijj’s team (consisting of a German, an American, a Mexican and an ISB student) won the second prize worth 15000 euros while Rohit’s team (consisting of a couple of Germans, a Filipino and an IIM-C student) got the third prize worth 10,000 euros.

Muralidhar S
Class of 2009

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5 Responses to Great Lakers make a clean sweep @ DHL Simulation contest in Germany

  1. nandy says:

    Hi there.. I’m looking to apply to Great Lakes this spring. I’ve got about 7 months exp. with TCS. Heard that GLIM considers freshers with good resumes. What are they looking for in such cases ? How good a chance do I stand of getting in ? Do let me know asap. Thanx ! 🙂

  2. Rahul says:

    Congrats Champions!!

  3. murhari says:

    @ Nandy, Thanks for your interest in Great Lakes. We have a dedicated Admission team to answer queries like the one you have posted above. Their email id is Please email your queries to this id. Wish you good luck with your admissions.

  4. ADiwise says:

    this is grt…i m sure it doesnt get better than this…and once again it proves that Great Lakers are right up there in terms of quality..not just nationally but internationally

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    Can this group of folks, help me to identify some students or Alumni, who will be interested in such initiative, and I will be glad to work with them, to take this forward.
    Folks settled in TN would help this cause, to create and co-ordinate efforts from the field.

    Thank you.

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