Another day, or rather a bunch of them, just passed by and left a good number staring in awe at the sheer brilliance of the scheme of things.  The NASMEI (North American Society for Marketing Education in India) international conference of this year came to a full stop on the 23rd. A two day research conference, NASMEI is conducted every year and is hosted by one of the top B Schools in the country. For the past years it was being organized by schools like the IIMs, ISB etc.  It has been for the first time that the conference is getting done by the same school twice in a row. Great Lakes has been the event partner for NASMEI 2007 and now 2008. Kotler Srinivasan Centre for Marketing Research at Great Lakes has been the platform.

What is it all about?

It is the final conference word in the field of marketing in India. Research papers are invited from all round the world. Professors, Post doctoral students, Independent research fellows etc. put across their work for review and selection. The selected entries are put aside and their authors are summoned to present their papers amidst a house of eminent marketing scholars and other invited authors.  It’s a matter of prestige and admiration when someone gets an opportunity to present a piece of work in this forum.                   


It was the morning of December 22, 2008 and unlike many other parts of the country which might be having room heaters burning their coils to keep people warm under the angora blankets, Chennai was refreshingly pleasant.  The air was subtly crisp and was accompanied by the fragrance of sandalwood flavored shampoos escaping out of various private residential washrooms.  A few of us, who had taken up the job of organizing the event, were out in the open and towards the ten seater which was assigned to carry us to the venue. The preparations started about sixty days before the D day.  Calling for papers, publicizing, chalking out operational details, seeking for sponsors, general coordination were part of the menu for making NASMEI a hit. So quite a few lungful of expectations had unknowingly built up during the course of the preparatory phase and was clearly showing up every now and then. A slight chill here and a few taught nerves there – we all were hoping for a great show awaiting us in the next two days.

The conference was inaugurated by the likes of the greatest minds in management academia.

·         Dr. Deepak Jain, Dean, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and Sandy and Morton Goldman Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies

·         Dr. V ‘Seenu’ Srinivasan, Adam distinguished professor of Marketing, Stanford University.

·         Dr. Bala V Balachandran, Founder & Honorary Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management and J.L. Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting, Information Management and Decision Sciences, Northwestern University


Sitting:L to R:Dr. Tauna, Dr. Deepak Jain, Dr. Seenu Srinivasan, Dr. Bala, Dr. Sankaran, Dr. Sriram

Two spacious conference rooms were simultaneously running the presentations. The venue chosen was one of the best hotels in Chennai. The chandeliers were well placed mildly lighting the halls, the carpets below sucking out the trifle sound waves that would otherwise have escaped into the ear lobes. A few carefully chosen paintings were placed deftly on the surrounding wood-engraved walls. Overall, it was throwing out a neat sense of sophisticated serenity.

The day churned out some of the best works that we have ever come across. The event was more or less populated with distinguished professors from of the best of b schools from around the world. California, Stanford, Michigan, Carnegie Melon, Ross, Tuck, IIM-B, IIM-K, IIM-A, MDI- Gurgaon among a host of others.  There were eminent personalities from various corporate who are also currently perusing their research interests.

The evening to remember:  It was dinner time. The dignitaries and the organizers assembled. The course of things made it one of the most memorable evenings that we have ever had. Getting to dwell in a conversation with none other than the legendary icon, Dr. Deepak Jain for more than an hour is hard to come by in anyone’s life! After an ‘inspiring’ dinner we dispersed at around ten in the night for getting back the next day.

23rd unfolded with insightful papers and after a hectic yet enriching day which comprised four sessions of six speakers each, the closing bells were rung.

Team - NASMEI'08

Team - NASMEI'08

P.S. For technical details please visit :

(Suryya Sarkar , Class of ’09)

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