Uncle Obama!


November 4th happened to be a red letter day in the history of the world. Though looking at the picture here, a few eyebrows will raise a million Euros question.  What has the President of United States of America got to do with this blog? No, we are not trying to recoil our non-existent tails and rush to the safety of Play Station 3 just to escape that question. Neither are we turning a deaf ear (or two).  Here goes why:

Sometime in the morning when the election results just started trickling down the wireless routers and into the  laptop screens of the world, many of us were basking in the sonic field of a Supply Chain Management lecture. All mouths in the classroom were shut to the point that the lips of each looked like ‘one’ mass of facial organic growth. Utter continuity. Laptops were in hibernation and we did not have any idea who has won the fight in the US of A. It was only during break that we were caught in the newsful of gigabytes that were getting bombarded all over. And guess what . We were all happy because  the media had finally found something else to pour into the world. At last , it would not be the spine chilling cover page screamers yelling about the Wall Street meltdown or the  crystal ball gazing on the economic apocalypse that ‘still’ awaits . After so much of financial breakdown already, what more can go wrong? I can think of ramblings about 21st December 2012 (for more visit http://www.december212012.com/).

 Mixed moods were seen everywhere in the campus. I overheard one telling “Obama is anti-outsourcing, which means that the BPOs would soon start disappearing from our country. KPOs, LPOs , xPOs would ape and leave many jobless. A credit crisis would follow. Banks would have to writeoff bad debts . MBAs would suffer …”  I turned and walked away as if I heard nothing . In class the professor had something to say too , “When you trace back Obama’s root you reach Indonesia , where the culture has a lot of commonality with that of India . So most likely Obama would be pro-Indian.”  We kept quite. He went on saying “Obama has a small idol of a vedic god…”. After a little more on the new prez he stopped and dived into Manufacturing Resource Planning.

Such ‘multidimensional’ views could be heard from different corners of Great Lakes . Most of it thumped around the fact that US had gone color blind.

Prakash and Vishal put in the idea of a blog on this. And that’s why I am here  in the media room typing down things as fast as my fingers can give while Ishant Sharma bowls away 100 milers to Mathew Hayden in downtown Nagpur-greens.

While Kenya lives  three official holidays with drinks by the bonfire , I look back at  the pic of Barrack Obama and our beloved dean Uncle Bala who, along with the  legendary Deepak Jain, dean, Kellogg School of Business were caught red handed smiling at the camera!  


(Suryya Sarkar)

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