A typical day in the life of a Great Laker….

8AM: I am on the beach having a good  time…..and all of a sudden, the alarm rings and I find myself on the bed and switch it off hoping to get back to the beach but it simply does not happen….eventually, after 10 minutes, i lift myself from the depth of the bed and walk around in no particular direction and muttering something and feeling groggy. Brushing my teeth is a huge exercise in itself as i desperately try to wake myself up…..somehow, i manage to run a bath….i look at the time and it is 850…
8:55AM: I quickly reach the college as i stay pretty close to it. I barely manage to grab some aloo paratha and next thing i know its 9 o clock.
9:00AM: I am in the class room and i am JUST IN TIME for my attendance….aah, i get the feeling, my life’s objective has been achieved….and i sit down hoping to learn/unlearn…whichever way u look at it…
10:15AM: The class is over and i go for a break….i meet a few cheerful faces….sipping coffee/tea talking about the weather, life, class….etc….how i wish the break lasted for an eternity….damn!…
1030AM: I am back to the classroom…and i keep wondering if it is the KARMA of a previous life that i have to attend classes one after the other….
11:45AM: One more break….just when i thought things were getting out of hand…..
12:00PM: just one of those courses that teaches you about social psycology, upanishads, bhagavat geeta, vivekananda!!!!!…..its a great value add for an MBA program. I keep the class occupied with a constant barrage of questions to the Prof….one of the most interactive sessions we have.

1:15PM: Lunch Time. For all those stomachs that have been rendered highly acidic after skipping breakfast….this is catch up time…..the usual gossip about committees etc goes on…
2:00PM: Back to the classroom….issshhhhhh….people are asleep…do not disturb….the gentle breeze of the AC accompanied by the professor humming the same old tune makes for a good afternoon siesta….
3:30PM: all the souls in the classroom are resurrected from their sleep after hearing the word break…..people get their much needed dose of coffee/tea at the local chai shop located a few metres away from the college….
3:45PM: back to the classroom….just when you thought it was safe to enter the classroom….we have to gear up for a surprise test!!!…..man, i curse myself for wasting my time….i look around and people are busy making a mince meat of the paper….i somehow manage to salvage my Grade for the subject…..phew, that was close…….
5:00PM: yippie…..i am not talking about my class mate “IPPY”…..but I am expressing my utter delight that classes for the day are over….but, my friend, there is a catch….we have been given an assignment and we are supposed to submit it the next day at 9!!….i just discuss what needs to be done for the next 1 hr….
6:00PM: Its snacks time….2 minute noodles prepared by our very own “Anna”…he has a whole carton of packets….and i am sure the manufacturer’s sales are at an all time high thanks to Great Lakes….we all try our best to separate one thread of noodle from the other….but eventually, we learn to negotiate it…..
7:00PM: We sit down to start the assignment and assess the magnitude of the task ahead of us…..how i wish i had more classes instead of assignments……
9:00 PM: After brainstorming about the assignment in groups of 5….we conclude that we have understood the objective of the assignment….its a remarkable breakthrough given that we used only two hours instead of 3…
9:30 PM: Dinner Time…..its not exactly heavenly nectar but we get our food from the caterer Amrith….who provides relief to the drought hit students of saidapet…..
10:00 PM: Enough is enough……we decide to get the job done ASAP…..something like the IBM AD…..we decide the place to innovate and ideate…so that when we do ideate….we have a place to do it…..
10:30 PM: we see the needles of the clock ticking away….while we painfully google for the next 3 to 4 hours to find some reference material for the assignment.
2:30 AM: We are almost done with the assignment….well, almost….its time to integrate, differentiate and collate everybody’s contribution…
4:00 AM: Assignment is done…..my group mate has already gone to Hawaii…err….i mean in his dreams….
4:30 AM: I fall flat on the bed after reaching home….and the next thing i know i am on the beach….only to be woken up by the alarm at 8…..damn…i was so close to talking to the blonde….

Ranjit Shankar

Class of 2009

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3 Responses to A typical day in the life of a Great Laker….

  1. Nischal says:

    Nice one Bro… enjoyed reading it.
    put in some detail about the people you speak to also

  2. kartik says:

    Man, I can relate to that… B school life is is something that I miss. That exciement is yet to be found in my 3 monhs of corporate life after Great Lakes.

    Enjoy while you are there… such a time will never come again in ur life…

    We made a video on this sometime back

  3. Nitin Pahuja says:

    Hey Gr8 post…i am sure u enjoy ten times more living it than I enjoyed reading it……Hope that i find a place this year 🙂

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