CREATIVITY… can it be taught ?

Boy, you must be kidding !! Nothing can be farther from the truth and this subject statement is completely Hogwash.

Well this bold statement was made by Mr. K R Ravi who’d come to deliver us a guest lecture on “Lateral Thinking & Creativity“. One has to keep one’s eyes and ears open when the speaker is none other than a well known management guru who also happens to be South Asia’s First Dr. EDWARD DE BONO certified public trainer in Lateral Thinking.

But then, I must admit, he definitely had some point.

Contrary to popular perception, Creativity is not only something which Mr. M F Hussein or Mr. Javed Akhtar are bestowed with. Even generation of new ideas during brainstorming session in a Boardroom can also be termed as Creativity. Looking at the same problem with altogether a different mindset is another example of being creative. And this Creativity, Mr. Ravi emphasized, can be very well taught and learnt. So Creativity is nothing more than a skill with a specific set of techniques which can be learnt by anybody.

Some other management gyaan from this guru :
– If you have defined a given problem in only one way, you might not have defined the problem completely.
– If you have come up with only one solution to a given problem, you might not have got the complete solution.

His final words of advice to us :
Keep on challenging the existing notions, beliefs and assumptions as they are the biggest stumbling blocks in way of Lateral Thinking and Creativity.

Well said Mr Ravi…..!!

Arun Tuli

Class of 2009

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3 Responses to CREATIVITY… can it be taught ?

  1. rsveeravalli says:

    the key to what you have stated is the funda called framing. it is one of the most fundamental things to understand, learn to recognize and then to step back and manipulate/re-engineer, in the management of affairs – which is what you are here to learn how to.

    simply put, framing is what it literally means, the ‘frame’ through which you see any matter.

    but beware, this simplicity is the simplicity of the profound. this is more like a zen koan, worthy of the same level of intense meditating upon, for similar level of rewarding revelations….

    go ahead, give it a shot.

    i will be happy to listen to what you ‘saw’. call/write to me, or in this blog


  2. Arun Tuli says:

    Thank you sir for elaborating on this concept….

    The idea of looking at a problem with fresh set of eyes altogether to the extent that the problem itself seems different is indeed novel….I think this is akin to seeing things in a holistic manner (otherwise as in example of 5 blind men & elephant, we end up defining problem “elephant” as either a tree trunk, or a wall, or a snake etc without even knowing that we’re not looking at the complete picture)…..this Guest lecture was a kind of refresher in driving and validating this same point of looking things in perspective through Lateral Thinking………

    This same thing was very aptly expressed by T.S.Eliot when he said :-

    “We must not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time.”

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