Updates- The Mumbai Alumni Meet-June 08

A week back I had shot a mail to all the batches at Great Lakes, about the alumni meet this Sunday in Mumbai. The city was having dry weather and the rains hardly existed then… but somehow Alum meets in Mumbai so far have had this rather uncanny way of bringing rain along with them. This one was no different.

The attendees were

Kartik Kannan- Cleartrip.com
Srivas Ramgopal- VGSL( VSNL Global Services)
Rahul Khare(Frost and Sullivan)
Pawan Bhawsar( VGSL)
Vipul Singhal(TCS)
Seema Mohanty(Bayer)
Prakritish Buragohain(Bayer)
Nihit Nirmal(Shaadi.com)
Logendra(L and T)

With 20 minutes left for the Alumni meet to start, the skies opened up and caught me unawares. Heavy rains. The 1 pm start was then relaxes to 2 pm, as people slowly found their way to Nirmal Lifestyle, Mulund. This picture was taken enroute Mulund station to Nirmal Lifestyle.

Rahul Khare shares a funny bone with Logendra and Srivas Ramgopal, who till then was the sole guy with the Great Lakes T shirt.

Vipul Singhal and Kartik Kannan…..fresh after Mcveggie crunch and French fries

Seema Mohanty, finally breaks her silence :-). Seema looked quite lost in the meeting, and spoke to us about her role in Procurement division at Bayer. Logendra tries to look aghast, into a cross talk session happening on the other side of the table

Thats a serious discussion going on between Rahul Khare and Srivas, as Pawan(greyish green shirt) and Logendra(Maroon) are ogling beyond the Macdonalds window at things more interesting to the eye.

Vipul Singhal on ” Why Banias rule in Business”, while Nihit Nirmal wears a forlorn ” I- have heard -this -so -many -times-because I am your room mate look”

Srivas, Rahul and Pawan listen to how Nihit is making hay while beautiful girls register at Shaadi.com . Nihit camouflaged his web flirting act by using MBA’ish words like ” I look into Analytics”.

Thats me, with a “Turn me On” Message on the T shirt. Unfortunately the Mumbai girls in Mulund were not up to it,

A couple of hours into the meet, a few Vipul one liners later and a couple of I-am-bored looks from Nihit, Prakritish Buragohain(the guy in the middle joined us). He was spared the bill payment, as he came in late, and Macdonalds was about pre paying. By the way, if you are asking why should he pay the bill? He just got married in Assam, without the help of Shaadi.com (Nihit lost a customer!)

Pawan seems to vehemently argue with some one during the meet. Logi sees humor in the argument.

Some of what we discussed were

1) each alum present’s company and role offered
2) switching possibilities
3) Book reviews
4) Meeting up with Uncle Bala when he comes in July
5) How can we make it more productive, by discussing business models in next meets
6) generall chit chat, leg pulling and mud slinging.
7) Which movie to watch at PVR…(we went for ‘Via Darjeeling’ by the way)

We hope to make future alum meets more productive with more people and a more structured approach to discussing things that mutually help us. That was a quick and dirty update from my side.

Posted by Kartik Kannan

Class of 2008

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6 Responses to Updates- The Mumbai Alumni Meet-June 08

  1. Prof s. sriram says:

    Great to know that you guys had a great time. Please mail the photos.

  2. Rahul Khare says:

    Though in the first stroke the mumbai reunion appears as just another casual meeting of school friends believe me the meaning is more deeper and consequential for the future of Great Lakes Community. It was raining badly that day and still all of us chose to come for this meet. I think the spirit and feeling of belongingness is what we have to build and this will see “our” community emerging as one of the strongest in future. Please don’t miss any meets folks…you may be missing a potential next plum jump !

  3. Mitesh Sharma says:

    I missed d meet… 😦
    I guess marketing job has its own pros & cons…
    u roam a lot but not @ will!
    U may visit a lot of places but wont b able 2 go whr u want 2 🙂

  4. Mitesh, next one coming up soon… hoipe ur there for that :-).

  5. Thanks for your comments Rahul! Well Said!

  6. Suryya says:

    Good to see the alum meeting and sharing some light moments .

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