The good, the bad and the hypocrite

[Declaration: The author shall strangely try to be the least controversial till the very last full-stop of this piece of incessant keypad thumping. Despite this, if anyone wants to stamp on the author’s left toe, isn’t exactly welcome to do so]

It was 10th of June and the wristwatches scattered in this part of the world were synchronously screaming three-thirty PM. Saturn was lost somewhere amidst the deep recesses of the infinity called universe and i was fresh out of the Rock(y) Concert called Macroeconomics – End Term Exam.

The Greatlaker in us was a little more than forty five days old and there we were, standing at the very end of the first term of the total of eight that the entire course had to offer. Break it up and you are in for a stun. Thousand five-hundred pages each of Financial Accounting and Statistics, fifty gallons of psychology, giga-handfuls of macroeconomics, Chinese and marketing, topped by 500 tablespoons of empirical study; along with sleep-deficit , dilly-DELLying , committee grind, guest lectures , all sprinkled in abundance galore.

I turned my head just to stare with an irreparable awe at the beast of a period that just hustled by; the nerves still taught, the grey cells still excited in unmatched equilibrium and Saturn – lost as ever.

As we gear up for the next term, we wonder if things stay the same breathtakingly quick or does it slow down a tad. Will i be called a hypocrite when i say that time is being unfair to us? That it has raised the speed from 24 hours per day to 24 seconds a day?

Time won’t tell.

(-Suryya Sarkar)

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2 Responses to The good, the bad and the hypocrite

  1. Gaurav says:

    Yes sir.. its gonna be exactly the same for al the 8 semesters… in fact… the speed may decline to 6 seconds per day 😛

    All the BEst

  2. Nova says:

    Hehehe… thats one hell of a diet 🙂

    Good luck… theres more to come 🙂

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