Bauer College , Houston was here.

A bunch of 20 students from the prestigious Bauer College, Houston( visited Great Lakes as part of their India visit. The group comprised under-graduates, MBA students and scholars doing their PhD. An enriching discussion on students’ profiles in India and the US helped many to get a better feel of the diversities in management studies. We were thrilled to learn the degree of encouragement that aspiring entrepreneurs get in the US. Similarly our visitors were surprised to know the balance that students at Great Lakes maintain between studies, karma-yoga and committee responsibilities. Great Lakers were also given an offer to join PhD programs at Bauer. Questions and answers followed from both the ends and the visit resulted into a healthy exchange of ideas and a stronger network of contacts.

(Rahul Prakash, Class of ’09)

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2 Responses to Bauer College , Houston was here.

  1. Manik Kinra says:

    Seems like there are lots of interactions with students from international B Schools happening these days at Great Lakes.

    Lucky People…

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